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This table shows the versatility and durability of our products, remaining outdoors, in the elements year round. Their most famous project so far is the table tennis table in London Fields – meet some local gangsters for a joint game of ping pong. The original Matrix Ping-Pong - probably the most hilarious table tennis video ever made.  Note all the parodies! Funny table tennis montage of world-class players pulling off weird shots, like behind the back, playing on a car, etc.

Baron Davis of the Cleveland Cavaliers takes up table tennis (humorously) as he promotes the Topspin Charity Ping-Pong Tournament. Here's two minutes of Adam Bobrow, mostly from movie and TV roles, including three table tennis scenes.
Who Let the Dogs Out - and the kid's pretty good too, at both table tennis and dancing! Here are six table tennis pictures: What society thinks you do, what my friends think you do, what Asians think you do, what Americans think you do, what you think you do, and what you really do.

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