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Build walls in two rows to make it really difficult for your enemy to attack your outpost or village.
This article will give you some general tips on how you can improve the building of walls and holding the enemy back. When you want to send troops really fast to your enemies, you can build a military outpost near them.
So really think about which part of your village needs to be defended and build the wall around this area. Build walls around this outpost and make the wall big enough so they have to attack it in order to get to your village.

If possible, build a straight wall so your troops can reach it easily and you have a good overview on what's going on. Wood is a very important resource because you need it for every building and collecting wood can take a little bit longer than any other resource. Build all your military buildings in the front so you can pump out troops fast in case your enemy attacks or you want to attack fast.
If you don't know where your wall goes and how it's built, it's too late when the enemy attacks. So first build some units for emergencies and if you have a minute where there is no battle, start building walls.

Just build towers everywhere where you think this place needs a defense but not a whole army. However, if you are a good player and want a good defense where the enemy needs to stop a little bit, you should build walls.

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