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CLEVELAND - There's no need to spend a lot of money on a beautiful, solid coffee table when you can just build your own! I am really excited to feature this cool project: building a coffee table using used pallets.
And by the way- this table when completed- will require the help of a few neighbors to carry (it’s heavy). She surprised me when she told me that she wanted to learn Sketch-Up, but even more when she actually designed a table and built it all in the same week.

I am going to do my best to walk you through the steps but I do promise to post a picture tutorial soon! Determine the desired length of the table and cut four 2x2's to that length for the apron or side trim.
To create the lower shelf, cut the 1x12 into two planks that run the length of the coffee table (same length as the aprons) and screw them into the apron all the way around. 4. Build the top of the coffee table by cutting the 2x6 into five planks cut slightly longer than the  length of your table, so that you have a nice overhang.

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