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The Bosch 4100-09 offers many advanced features, making it a very capable table saw for the working man or woman. There is nothing more important than reading through the table saw reviews that are present online. Bosch have been around for more than a century and in that time have gained the reputation for building high quality and innovative products but also at great price points creating great value for money. Compact Table Saw Showdown: Bosch vs DewaltThese smaller table saws, which come in a compact benchtop setup rather than with legs like a traditional table saw, are designed as portable job site saws. FeaturesThe GTS1031 is Bosch's newest table saw, designed for portability and intended to be light enough that you could carry it with one hand.

Bosch bring out more than 100 new power tool each year so are firmly at the fore front on power tool innovation. If there is a particular saw your looking at send us a email and we’ll add it to our list of reviews.
These are issues seen with many products and it is critical to keep an eye on what they have to offer by reading through reviews. Expensive and stationary, cabinet saws are designed for use in professional woodworking environments.
These reviews do not only have to come online, but through family and friends that might have owned a table saw of this variety.

For more advanced woodworking, the simple contractor saw can be improved by using the best quality of blade, and specifically for a certain type of cut.
For more power saw reviews check out our other reviews, we have reviews for the best miter saw and the best circular saw for 2015, check them out today. Although they are very mobile, a portable saw may not be the best recommendation for fine woodworking.

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