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Something as simple as a plastic water  bottle can be made into a bird feeder, and a coffee cup hung from a tree branch is all that you need to serve up some suet. This feeder uses the Chanel Craft Soda Bottle Bird Feeder to easily convert a bottle into a hanging  feeder. To make these suet feeders, punch a hole in cut coconut shells and thread them with leather or string to form hangers. This feeder uses a larger recycled plastic food container with a chopstick acting as the perch. Center the pop bottle in the bottom of the mayo jar with the hole off center of the holes in the mayo jar. We colored wide black circles around the holes to make it easier for the birds to see but we think it might be scaring them. The feeder uses a wire coat hanger, fence plank, Starbucks Frappuccino bottle, and a tuna can. One great way to serve them up is to fill plastic mesh produce bags with nuts or suet, tie off at the top, and hang them from branches.
The first one we made without the pop bottle didn't have the black circles and the birds seemed to come to it faster. To make this feeder, cut or punch four holes in the side of the can at varying heights and insert two wooden dowels through the base.
You can also hang a basket without the shelter in the same manner to create a simple tray feeder. But there are ways to cut costs when it comes to bird feeding, and you can have some fun with it as well by making your own bird feeders, often from recycled materials. Simply hang the bottle so that there is enough space at the bottom for the bird seed to spill out and fill the can. When you are out and about, you would also usually buy bottled drinks due to its convenience. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic resin which is the most common type of polyester. They are easy to make and are great for getting those birds to your property so that you can enjoy them.Plate and Bowl BirdfeederYou can make a beautiful birdfeeder from a saucer and a matching bowl – or a mismatched one if you prefer.
PET plastic with the number 1 code can be used for drinking, and is considered safe for packaging food and non-food items.
This beautiful birdfeeder looks great and the saucer protects your birds from rain, sun and other weather elements, sort of like an umbrella. Via – ErinscreativeTea Cup BirdfeederA teacup and saucer can make a beautiful birdfeeder.
To give you an idea about how you can use these plastic bottles again, check out the top 20 ways:1.
If you have a spare set, you can create a very unique feeder by gluing the teacup to the saucer sideways. Flower VasesCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Flower VasesYou frequently see beautifully painted vases at antique shops or flower shops, but these are merely recycled items.
Make your own by using matte white spray paint and old glass or plastic bottles of milk or beer. This is an adorable feeder and with a ribbon or string, you can hang it anywhere that you want to see pretty little birds.

Decorative Yarn BottlesCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Yarn BottlesAnother twist to the recycled milk bottles is to use spools of yarn instead of paint to decorate the surface. Via – MommymomentWine Bottle BirdfeedersOld wine bottles can be turned into beautiful birdfeeders. Then just carefully drill holes in the sides of the bottles to allow the bird food to come through and hang. Use the bottles as flower vases which will give your dinner table a delicate look once filled with blooms.3. Washi Tape BottlesCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Washi Tape BottlesWashi tapes come in a variety of patterns, colors, designs and thicknesses.
With the collection of plastic bottles that you have, you can simply stick Washi tape around the body of clean bottles and use them as repurposed drink containers, flower vases or pencil organizers.4. Via – ThegardenroofcoopMason Jar FeedersMason jars can be used for so many DIY projects and they make excellent birdfeeders. Newspaper HolderCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Newspaper HoldersCut the upper portion of plastic bottles with all the same sizes, line them together in a piece of metal or wooden stick, and use them as a newspaper holder. You can place it by the bedroom, in a reading nook by the living room or in the patio so that you can directly organize the newspaper soon after they are delivered do your doorstep.5. Pencil CaddyCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Pencil CaddyInstead of buying can, glass or ceramic pencil holder, simply recycle the old plastic bottles that you have at home.
These are really cute feeders and you can do different styles so that you have a little variety.
Ones with the widest circumference will do so that you can place as many pencils or pens as possible.
Via – ThegardenroofcoopBirdfeeders from Recycled ProductsHonestly, whatever you have lying around the house could be turned into a birdfeeder. As long as you have a way to hang it or attach it to your outside wall, and it will hold bird food, you can create a birdfeeder. Plastic Bottle Vertical GardenCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Vertical GardenYou might have seen pictures of this plastic bottle vertical garden online or on social media posts. Even old license plates could be used to create a whimsical and really unique feeder that you will be proud to display and your birds will love the thought.
Bird FeederCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Bird FeedersIf you have a garden in your front lawn or backyard, you can use a big water bottle as a bird feeder. Not only will the birds love you for feeding them, your neighbors are sure to think that you are the most creative person ever. Via – Pinterest OriginalsWooden Spoon FeederA plastic soda bottle and a couple of wooden spoons make a great birdfeeder.
Fill it up with bird seed and watch those little flying animals hang around your garden all day.8. You just have to make holes in the bottle for the spoons and be sure that you angle the spoons downward so that the birdfeed will drizzle onto them. You can use the bottom part of plastic bottles as the container for sand, or use a traditional pot and the upper part of a plastic bottle to cover and protect the seedling of your plaints.9. Via – Pinterest OriginalsMilk Carton FeederAn old milk carton will make an adorable feeder. Hanging Water Bottle VasesCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Hanging VasesPrettify the exterior of your home with hanging plastic water bottle bases.

You can paint (or have the kids paint) a cardboard milk carton and then just cut a hold for the feed.
Cut a plastic bottle in half and hang it with the cap part at the bottom, then fill it up with water. You may want to put a wooden dowel or even a wooden spoon through so that the birds have somewhere to land when they want to eat. Plastic Bottle Jewelry StandCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Jewelry StandThe bottom part of plastic bottles can be cut and placed on a wooden or metal bar. Birds can get inside and build their nests so that you can see the babies when they are hatched.
Bottled Water Desk OrganizerCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Desk OrganizersAn easier way to create an organizer using plastic bottles is to cut the bottom part and place them alongside each other on your desk. Via – EdenprojectLog Bird FeederCreate a small log by carving out part of a small piece of wood. Plastic Bottle Cap Bag SealerCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Cap Bag SealerAn ingenious way to organize food items in your pantry is by using a plastic bottle cap bag sealer. Separate the cap and the lid part, then use it as a way to securely seal the plastic bag containing the coffee beans.13. You can create a little section in your garden for feeders and put them on poles to make them more decorate. Plastic Bottle PackagingCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Plastic Bottle PackagingIf you love to bake cupcakes, macaroons and other delicious goodies, you can use plastic water bottles as packaging. Instead of buying individual cupcake boxes, for example, you can use the bottom of a clear plastic bottle as a cover along with a secure base. These are great for sitting out in the yard and the more you put up, the more birds you will have to look at.
You can spread them with peanut butter and then add birdseed or spread them with lard and add birdseed.
Plastic Bottle ChandelierCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Bottle ChandelierThere are many instructions available online on how you can create chandeliers and other gorgeous lighting fixtures using plastic bottles.
After the base of the chandelier is formed, you can place the lighting fixture inside and hang the chandelier in strategic places in your home!15. Via – DragonflybluecraftWindow BirdfeederIf you love looking at birds in the winter but simply don’t want to go outside to do it, you can bring them right up to your window. Glue them together to form a big container which you can use as a trash can to well, recycle plastic water bottles.17.
Boot ShaperCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Boot ShaperIf you have lots of cowboy or rain boots, retain the shape of the upper part of the footwear by using plastic bottles as shapers. Plastic Bottle Coin PurseCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Coin PurseUsing the bottom of two plastic bottles, sew on a zipper in the middle and use as a coin purse. Plastic Bottle Piggy BanksCreative Ways to Use an Old Bottle: Piggy BankAgain, using two plastic bottles, you can glue them together to form a piggy bank. Go online to borrow design inspirations.Remember that plastic bottles take more than ten years to decompose completely.

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