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Based on our popular Contemporary Litter Hider, our Large Litter Box Hider allows you to easily conceal large litter pans and most automatic litter boxes. We use the same proven materials as our original Litter Hider: a stylish chrome plated frame with a dark mahogany, high pressure laminate finish that protects against spills while requiring very little maintenance. If you use a larger litter box or one of the automatic boxes, then most decorative litter hiders won’t work for you because they are too small.
Two Pan Litter Box Cabinets Hidy-Tidy’s Two Pan Litter Box Cabinets with 2 litter boxs, are an excellent choice for multi-cat households.
The cat jumps to an oversized shelf installed below the upper opening and then enters the litter box. The Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, available from Sears, offers another style of hidden litter box storage. The Petco Cat Litter Box Storage Ottoman offers a private place for your cat to do his business and provides a functional piece of furniture at the same time.
You'll have no trouble finding litter box furniture that will match your decor and fit almost any type of cat litter box. Double doors open to allow easy access inside for cleaning and there’s even a built-in hook for storing the litter scoop.
This cabinet has been field tested and cats do not have a problem jumping onto the shelf or jumping out of the cabinet. It’s their new Large Litter Box Hider, deigned to accommodate over-sized litter boxes and automatic litter boxes. Two entrances on the outside and one entrance through the middle allow escape routes so cats can’t be trapped inside the cabinet.

Fortunately, there are a number of options that can help hide your cat's litter pan while still enhancing the beauty of your decor. Its attractive, white finish matches most decorating styles, and the manufacturer says it's large enough to handle a self-cleaning litter pan or other large box.
Cat Quarters All in One Cat Center - combine food and water bowls, litter box enclosure and lounge top all in one piece of furniture.
I think this is a great way to hide the litter box - as long as your cat doesn't mind. CitiKitty, the Best Selling Cat Toilet Training Kit: Save Over $2,000 on kitty litter, no mess, no cleaning, no litter box!
The Merry Pet Litter Box Washroom Bench, available from Lowe's, is another great choice for hiding a litter box in a functional piece of furniture.
The Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider looks like an elegant piece of contemporary furniture, but it actually conceals a cat box. This is especially true if you keep your litter box in a bathroom, living room, or other frequently-used space in your house. On one end, a curved entrance hole allows the cat to access his box, and a lift-up lid makes it easy to clean out the litter box.
It includes storage for the litter and scoop, as well as a roomy, plastic-lined interior to fit more litter boxes. A clever idea to put it out of sight is to use a furniture cabinet which can easily hold the litter box. From a genius website called Ikea Hackers that teaches you how to convert and revamp Ikea furniture.

To improve on that idea, hook it to a motion sensor so that it will trigger ~10 min after a cat leaves the box.
However, if you already have a spare piece of furniture and want to adapt that into a hidden box, it is very easy to do so. A solid top shelf adds a level of functionality, converting your litter box into a stylish piece of furniture —only you will know! No matter which cat litter box furniture option you choose, you'll find that these pieces are an instant upgrade. This clever design features a vestibule that reduces litter debris outside the box and allows you to store litter box supplies right where you need them.
Two cabinet doors open in the front, allowing easy cleaning, and a shallow drawer stores everything you need to keep the litter box tidy. It also has a partition wall that can be added to create a separate compartment for storing litter and other supplies.
The top of the hole should be about 14 inches off the ground, but you can adjust this two or three inches lower for smaller or senior cats.

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