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Just like a house, woodworking, too, has a foundation, which I had not considered in that sense until I read this book.So now I am really aware of my stance at the bench and at the lathe, and taking more notice of marking, measuring and sawing.
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How you apply pressure and control each tool not only effects the ease and efficiency of a cut but the safety of each woodworking operation too.
He is the author of three woodworking books (and a contributor to two others), including the best-selling Beds, and Chairmaking and Design.

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But if you really want to learn flawless woodworking techniques you also need to tune yourself. He teaches woodworking fundamentals and other classes around the country and at his studio in Chicago. Working with Popular Woodworking’s David Thiel, Jeff shows how to evaluate and adjust how your body and tools mesh for the best performance in your shop.

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