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That's what I like about the shopmade metal-finder - no batteries, no special plastic housing or LED's to crack or fail - Its a piece of wood with 5 very powerful magnets and some glue. I've been thinking about this for a bit now, and I keep asking myself how often one would find non-ferrous metal in wood planks.
A saw blade will go through most of these metals without much damage, but a jointer or planer knife will be toast.
While I'm sure it happens once in a blue moon, what you're almost certain to find in most found wood suitable for woodworking preparation are nails and nail fragments - all of which are ferrous.

The New 2013 LUMBER WIZARD 4 is the latest version of Wizard Industries’ flagship woodworking metal detector. A powerful precision hand-held metal detector designed specifically for woodworkers, It helps detect small metal objects hidden inside new or used lumber.
I'm not a big fan of metal hitting my safety glasses and being imbedded(which has happened).
Undetected nails, screws or other metal fragments can damage expensive jointer, planer and saw blades.

When I go out today, I'll try it on some various non-ferrous metals and post the results. Easy to use, the LUMBER WIZARD 4 Metal Detector helps woodworkers prevent equipment damage and personal injury.

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