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If you dream of having dark hardwood floors, you probably know that they can make dirt, scratches and dog hair more obvious. When visiting our showroom, be sure to ask our sales experts about choosing the best hardwood floors for dogs. There are only two things that can ruin a hardwood floor beyond all hope: floods and urine. The problem is compounded by the fact that pets, once they've marked a spot, continue to use it which practically guarantees that there will always be fresh ammonia forming at that site. For some reason, there is a persistent belief that stains like these can be removed easily by sanding or bleach. Even when the damage goes through the finish and into the wood, it can usually be sanded out. You can recoat an existing finish, even if you're not sure if it was initially an oil-based or a waterbased polyurethane, with one of these commercial, catalyzed finishes.
Oil based urethane is probably the most used finish for wood floors because they provide a glossy shine. Those penetrating finishes allow the wood grain itself to take the brunt of the wear and friction of living.
It gives your floor a clear finish and has UV inhibitors that delay the color changing process of wood. You just have to be sure to select the right characteristics to ensure the best hardwood floors for dogs. Patricia Colwell Consultingi don't think that is insane I love mine we have 2 big dogs and no scratches after 7 yrs I would use it everywhere on the main floor as it does not look good used next to real wood. Janis Cloney BredehoftI should also mention the ceramic tile may be exacerbating some foot pain for both my husband and myself.
Janis Cloney BredehoftActually the price of the laminate is comparable to the ceramic wood-look we were considering for awhile.
Cancork Floor Inc.Installing LVT in kitchen to replace tile shouldn't do too much in way of resale.
Cancork Floor Inc.LVT cannot be installed over anything with a texture (like tiles that have grout lines). Cristie Schlosser, ASID, RIDJust to clarify, LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile which is not the same as mass market vinyl tile.

When choosing the best hardwood floors for dogs, you should also look for hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating. Wow, that is really impressive that you offer a dog friendly finish and put a guarantee behind it.
Floods are fairly rare, but almost everybody has dog or a cat or a rabbit that will eventually leave a puddle on the hardwood floor. Even the hardest finishes can eventually be worn or scratched off and your energetic mastiff can do that just as well as a sander can. The advantage of the penetrating finishes is that the maintenance can be done selectively, exactly where the damage has occurred - you don't even have to move furniture if the damage doesn't extend there. If durability ranks high on your list of needs, try an oil based, penetrating or swedish floor finish. If your dachsund herd makes a high-speed beeline for the door when the postman rings, use a runner along the path they use. We plan to be here another 10 years and I don't like the color of our tile and the wood floor is a honey we don't care for either, it's time to replace carpet as well so we were thinking new wood throughout bottom floor but we have a 50 lb dog who would likely scratch it up. I'm not a fan of tile in kitchen but pulling up wood floors due to color is shortsighted and wasteful.
But as urine sits and decomposes, it becomes more alkaline and more corrosive and eventually you have the equivalent of undiluted ammonia burning through your finish and into your wood. If you discover a pet stain on a finished hardwood floor and you suspect it's been there for more than 4 hours, douse the spot with a mild acid like vinegar, which will at the very least neutralize any ammonia (which is an alkali) that may have formed and will arrest its corrosive ability. A health issue caused Toby to have a few 'accidents' on our customer's red oak hardwood floors (see photo at left). This tends to happen when there is carpet or a rug over the hardwood floors because it keeps the liquid from drying and allows it to sit in contact with the floor below as it breaks down. I think for the kitchen this is a practical choice because of foot traffic, spillage, etc . Our hot water heater flooded our main living level, ruining our existing engineered hardwood floors. When we bought our house, however, the former owners had digs and the floors had deep scratches. With so many types of finishes on the market, deciding on the right one can be a brain teaser. If you have enough finish on the floor, the scratches will be in the plastic of the finish, not the wood.

Laminate is a wood veneer over a plywood backer which is pre-finished and installed the same as a true hardwood. The wood can be sanded and stained the color you're looking for much cheaper than replacement.
The floors were already in terrible shape, as our two 50-lb dogs had scraped through the wood layer with their nails, making them impossible to refinish.
If you have them refinished by someone who specializes in hardwood floors there is no reason the finish shouldn't last 10-20 years or more. We have looked at all types of flooring (strand woven bamboo, solid hardwood, tile, laminate, LVT, etc.), but we have found that EVERYWHERE we go to look at flooring, salespeople are pushing LVT.
The smallest piece of any debris on the floor will poke through the floor and be seen as a raised bump. I get that it is waterproof and easy to maintain for a family with two large dogs and three small children, but we're probably only going to live in our current house for 3-5 more years, so I'm terrified of limiting resale options down the road. I am so very sorry I didn't go with a top of the line Pergo (laminate) floor like we had in our last home. LVT is not easy to get right, especially on a wood subfloor that may not be perfectly level.
Yet we also don't want to put new hardwoods in and have the dogs ruin them in the next few years, also making the house less desirable for resale. Those floors lasted for many years with nary a scratch and we have always had multiple dogs. I refinished the floors and we had a very large dog who was "energetic" as well as my son crawling around.
The new laminates they have now are absolutely beautiful but can be even more pricey than real wood.
Because of the shop finish, it is typically more durable than true hardwood that is field finished.
Excessive scratching and dinging in a true hardwood is usually due to a poor finish - either too few coats or improper curing of the top coats. We will be either refinishing these floors within a few years or taking out the whole first floor and putting in something else in the next 5.

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