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View DetailsThis Wood Burning Pen Set is Ideal for Burning Logos, Text, or Stenciled Images Into all Kinds of Wood. Use simple woodburning tools and easy-to-learn techniques to help you add distinctive designs to a variety of bare-wood projects. As you work, use 320-grit sandpaper on a solid block to lightly brush away any residue or buildup from the tip of the woodburning pen. Try out new steps and techniques on a sample board cut from the same material you're burning. A woodburning tool kit includes a pen-like tool you plug into an electrical outlet, plus several tips that attach to the tool to create different effects. WOOD BURNED CURLY TREE | Personalize your wood burned design with a family name for a perfect gift. LIVE LOVE LAUGH | Use stencils for great design ideas for your next wood burning project. PRIMITIVE ABC SHEEP | Primitive style wood burning project that is easy to complete in just a few hours.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING PLAQUE | An easy wood burning project to use for Thanksgiving decorating, especially when using stamped designs.
MAGNOLIA FLOWER PLAQUE | Stamp any beautiful flower design on a piece of wood for a very easy wood burning project. STRAWBERRY TIME BY CATE KENNY | Beautifully detailed wood burning designed and created by Cate to portray a very Victorian look.
SUNFLOWER CLOCK | Create a great looking wood burned clock using a simple stencil as a design idea. UNITED WE STAND | Wood burn a special plaque celebrating the United States of America. WOODBURNED BUFFALO BY ROB WAND | Detailed wood burning of a treasured part of the past.
BUTTERFLY PLATE BY JANET WILHELM | Stencils for designs and lettering can be found in any craft store. WOODBURNED TRAY BY JANET WILHELM | Great snowflake wood burned design for winter entertaining.

GOD BLESS AMERICA | Makes a great wood burning project to keep or to give to a special veteran. Walnut Hollow® GREW from a small, family-owned business in Dodgeville, WI to an internationally renowned wood manufacturer. Place transfer paper between the pattern on top and the wood below, and trace the lines of the pattern with a pencil or ballpoint pen to create the design on the wood.
Through our high industry standards and strict environmental initiatives, Walnut Hollow has created best selling wood products for the craft and hobby, outdoor sportsman and personalized home decor categories.

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