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As I mentioned on Facebook and in a previous post (inquisitive readers keep me on my busy toes), I’m using a slightly different method for treating my new walnut countertops. Originally, I was planning on going with Ikea for my counters and staining them to a darker color to fit my design plan (Ikea counters came in beech and birch, which if I left them in their natural color, would be too light for my liking). However, there is another product that combines both oil and beeswax made for butcher block.
After sanding the wood down with higher and higher grits (the wood was pretty smooth to begin with, so I started with 180 and then moved up to 220 and 320) and wiping down with a tack cloth, I was ready for the first glimpse at (part of) my new kitchen. You know I’m a fan of re-using old t-shirts in various applications, and my countertops were no different. After you sand down to a 320 grit take a sponge and wipe the table or counter top down with water and the grain will Bristle after it dries for about 24 hrs.

My countertops are solid walnut butcher block from a different vendor, not veneer like Ikea’s. I’ve owned a nice heavy butcher block cutting board for a few years and nothing quite beats a rub-on food-grade finish. They look beautiful and I can’t wait to do the same to replace my horrid tile (shudder!) countertops.
Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I had to do, Cynthia I put them in the back room with their food, water, and litter box, and kept them there until the countertops were dry. I was unsure of doing all the counters in wood, but yours look awesome – a good bit darker than mine. So you might be better off using a more traditional poly if you’re looking for durability against kids.

I do not want to stain it and after more research last night, I found that if I use dark tung oil first then the mineral oil beeswax, I will get the results I am looking for.
For mine, I sanded the bare wood surface gradually to finer and finer grit to make it smooth, then applied the first coat and let it soak in overnight. I wiped the excess off the next day if there was any with a soft cloth (the first few coats really soaked in since the wood had no other treatments on it).
I oiled my countertops before bed and when i woke up the next morning there were tons of little kitty footprints all over them.

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