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Of the numerous and confusing varieties of American Basswood that have been named, three are currently recognized: (1) The more northerly American Basswood, var. Main Tree Species Being Affected-Paper Birch-Gray Birch-Aspen-Willow-Speckled Alder-Basswood-Poplar Trees-SweetgumAs stated previously, the Gypsy Moth consumes hardwood (and preferably oak) trees. American basswood (usually called American linden in the horticultural business) is a stately and well formed deciduous tree with large heart-shaped leaves, a clean, straight trunk, and a broad, rounded crown.
Basswood has peculiar and very distinctive straplike leafy bracts from which are suspended clusters of sweetly fragrant (but not very showy) flowers. Basswood grows in moist mixed hardwood forests, often associated with maples, oaks, and ashes. Moisture: Not at all drought tolerant, American basswood does best in moist, but not water logged soil.

American basswood is a fine shade and street tree, although it is not used as much as the European and Asian lindens, which are a little smaller and more tolerant of urban conditions. Note the tree's distinctive white leafy bracts from which the clusters of flowers are suspended on a slender stalk. The animal species are affected indirectly since they are not being consumed or killed by the moth, but it is destroying their habitat and the trees that they need to survive.
Some references list as many as sixteen species of basswood occurring in eastern North America.
The animals are impacted because their habitats and food are being destroyed, leaving them with no trees to shelter them and fewer plants to filter the air and consume.The photo above shows an incredibly damaged forest.
However, recent studies have concluded that all of the North American basswoods belong to a single, highly variable species, with three (sometimes) recognizable varieties: T.

Without intervention, their rapid spread will destroy many of the forests across North America.The list below includes the main tree species targeted by the Gypsy Moth, yet there are also many animals being impacted. The trunk is straight, free of branches for a considerable height, and the bark is light brown and smooth, becoming darker and deeply furrowed on older trees.
The lack of trees means fewer areas for nests, and could cause insects used as food by other animals to die off.
The moths eat the trees which we use to create paper or sell, and we were already facing a scarce amount of trees due to urban development, pollution, and sheer greed.

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