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If the hassle of clearing a workspace is making you put off that project you've been promising your significant other for weeks, have we got a project for you!
The beauty of this garage workbench is that it takes advantage of that narrow space between the garage door and the side wall most garages have. Place the miter saw in its permanent position and measure the distance from the front of the fence to the wall. Purchase the full Basic Workbench and 6 Ways to Beef it up Woodworking Plan, including detailed diagrams and complete material list. Measure and mark that distance from the wall and snap a chalk line on the left table to align the extended fence.

I know you'll be happy you saw them and even happier when you drill through and find the best workbench for all your woodworking projects.
This bench layout lets you quickly fold out, slide out and pivot into position all the tools and work areas you need.
However, be aware that alterations also affect the dimensions of the table saw module (Fig. An alcove allows the miter saw to be set below the bench top, making the miter saw table even with the bench (Fig. The bench is divided into four equal-size bays, so you can shorten it by one or more bays, or reconfigure the tool and workspace positions.

Set it as close to a wall as you can, then measure the distance to the mounting holes in the front of the base.
Measure the height of your miter saw table to determine how much to shim up the base of the saw to make it even with the table.

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