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I used my jig to cut a small 12-in.-diameter circle in a piece of white oak, but you can easily upsize this jig for larger circles.
Using the Circle-Cutting JigJig Overview: This circle-cutting jig for the bandsaw is nothing more than a plywood scrap that fits over the bandsaw's table. The workpiece you intend to shape into a circle has a hole drilled in its underside (not all the way through, mind you) which mates with the dowel in the jig.

Along one edge, I've screwed on a hardwood block which allows me to clamp the jig to the bandsaw table from underneath. It should be positioned at a distance away from the bandsaw blade that is equal to the radius of your intended circle.
A slot in the center of the jig allows the bandsaw's blade to slide in, providing for workpiece support on either side of the blade.

They can improve the cutting action of your tools and give you safer and more accurate results.

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