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And all that malarkey about not noticing the seam down the middle of the screen once the movie starts - turns out it's not malarkey. After three years of practice, it takes me 25 minutes, from start to finish, to set up the screen.
For a glimpse at a smaller (5'X9'), more portable screen I made for travel and winter patio viewing, take a look at this page. And right now, as I type this, Walmart and Amazon have 12'-wide inflatable screens for $229! For detailed instruction on making a screen using billboard tarp, visit FrostyFreeze's Hylto-Plex Outdoor Theater site. A borrowed NEC VT45 projector (1000 lumens) helped us test the waters for the entire first season. This is a good place to mention Projector Central's Projection Calulator Pro where, based on the manufacture's specifications, one can calculate throw distance vs.
Although I'd read many posts concerning Video Games on the Big Screen, I remained solidly entrenched in the Anti-Video Games Camp. When I'm ready to project the television broadcast, I pull the cable to the outside and attach it to the cable box that resides permanently on the projection cart. Two BYT members, JJ and Forward Look, shared dramatically different outdoor theaters, both in scope and size (Newbie’s New Outdoor Theater Preview and Hoppy Valley Drive-In Premiere - A Complete How-To), yet they both chose to integrate their speakers into their screen frame designs.
Although the speakers are "all weather," they are stored inside, on the projector cart when not in use.

I have no experience with transmitters, but there's an excellent explanation on the Backyard Theater site posted here. I make 5 trips from the side yard to the screen construction site: one trip each for the 12-foot horizontal poles, one trip for both 7-foot vertical poles, one trip for the stretcher bar, and one for the foot and legs combined. The BOC Screen, folded inside the plastic bag in which it was shipped, is stored on the cart. Despite the combined weight of these items, the cart glides quite nicely down the hall and out to the backyard. Using a trio of buckets, some PVC pipe, a blackout cloth, and a few other supplies from the local hardware store, Wired writer Dave Banks decided it would be easier to make his own backyard movie screen than buy or rent one from an AV company. Banks' DIY screen cost him about $123 in materials, much less than how much it would have cost him to buy a kit from the web or a professionally made screen.
Even considering he coughed up another $125 for help assembling the screen, the total $248 is still much more affordable than the alternative.
That includes going to get the BOC screen out of the closet, carting the poles from the side yard to the place of assembly, right through to tying down the guy wires.
For a time, I used it to protect my BOC screen from attracting bits of dirt and grass while I attached it to the frame. Scroll down to the portion that reads, "Let's talk about the screen first," to begin the explanation. Despite the unfortunate screen orientation, the combination of the BOC screen and the 2500 lumens projector moved the starting time up dramatically.

My Epson projector has several options: HDMI, component video (for computers), S-video, and composite. The left side of the screen is tied to a metal gazebo that’s located directly behind it.
This picture was taken about one minute before sunset, the first time I tested the new projector with the new screen.
Until 2012, I only toyed with the idea of projecting television broadcasts outside, but never got serious.
Christmas projector casts swirling light images with saturated color and excellent clarity.
Even without a breeze, the hoisting up of a 12-foot screen in order to insert the sides into one-inch holes, is more a feat of strength than you might imagine. Originally, I was going to enlarge the screen’s width to 14 feet, but decided my viewing area was too small for a screen that size. As it turns out, a fourteen foot screen would have been WONDERFUL, but I think the assembly and take-down would have been too much. The poster (aka: 11visions) noted that he purchased 20 foot straps for his 16 foot screen and 40 foot straps for his 24 foot screen.

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