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I'm building my workbench and am wondering how do you make adjustable feet that are strong and cheap.
Appliance repair stores usually have the type of adjustable feet that can be screwed in, complete with nylon outer surface. The floor in my workshop is not perfectly flat and level so I’ve added adjustable feet to the trestle tables so that I can get all three bench tops level and on the same plane.
One thing I noticed after adding feet to the first table was that it was rather uncomfortable to adjust the height because there wasn’t very much room between the bottom of the legs and the floor and the corners of the legs were kind of sharp.

A hockey puck with a bolt drilled through it can work well as an easy to make, but sturdy foot for your workbenches or other projects. I build most of my benchtop tool stands and was searching for a source of sturdy adjustable feet.
Marc’s video is very clearly explained as usual so if you need to build an outfeed table (or another simple workbench) I suggest you watch his video.
I cut two 1-1?2"-diameter feet from each puck and drill a bolt hole about three-quarters of the way through them.

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