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You need to glue wood to glass for interior decorating purposes, but there is a challenge with glass showing the gobs of glue where it has dried. A silicone glue will perform both these functions, but it exudes toxic fumes when exposed to open air. You can prevent this unsightly mess by using a glue that will both hold substances securely and dry clear so that no residue shows. Use a razor blade to scrape away the dried glue so that none of it is visible on the glass.

Spread a thin layer of hot glue along the edge of the wood that you want to place in contact with the glass.
Plenty of sources on the market, I have found some nice woodworking plan different commonplace browsers) to get the. Most hot glue dries clear, but if any spills over the glass surface outside of the glued area, you can remove it. For hardened glue, direct a hairdryer on low heat over the glass that has the glue to be removed in order to soften it.

It is recommended that you wear protective gloves and a face mask that covers the mouth and nostrils when using silicone glue.
Clean the entire piece of glass swith a glass cleaner on both sides before it is attached to the wood.

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