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How we got to the point where building a bed is no longer a big deal, I'm not quite sure.  But the Ram was quite relieved when he came home and found out who the bed was for. That is about the cutest thing I've ever seen and I am absolutely inspired to make a quilt for my own bed.
Next, I sprayed the entire bed with Minwax Poly- acrylic and then started working on the mattresses and quilts and pillows.

I know a lot of little girls who LOVE American Girl Doll and all the accessories…by I know many parents who can not afford to buy the dolls let alone the very pricey accessories.
The Birthday Girl has been talking quite a bit about getting her first American Girl doll, so Grace and I thought we'd make her a bunk bed.  Not entirely sure why I waited until Wednesday afternoon to start cutting boards.
I already made the farmhouse doll bed for my daughter, but she's managed to pile more than 3 dolls on it at a time.

But in our case, we wanted to gift the doll bed unfinished so the birthday girl could do the painting.

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