Grammarly Review - Is this the best Grammar Checker?

Grammarly Review at a Glance

Are you a writer or some research scholar? Are you looking for some great app to help you check whether your word files and documents are grammatically correct or not? Have you ever used Grammarly? Do you want to get an insight on the Grammarly app?

There is no doubt that we need that perfect grammar checker and correction app to help us present the best of our content. We are humans and at times do commit variety of mistakes, so we need that perfect software tool to lend us a helping hand in order to present the content in the best modified way possible.

Grammarly is one such software tool to aid us in clearing all our grammatical mistakes in real time and to give the best to the end user in our content. So today I will give you detailed Grammarly review here.

Writing an art, it is not something which everyone has a hunch for. Many a times while we are writing we are often confused with words, sentence structure, proper grammar, synonyms, and many other stuffs.

Having proper knowledge of grammar is instrumental insofar as that is used for conveying your ideas more clearly, professionally and accurately.

You always need a helping hand, for writing grammar, that informs you about whether you should use active or passive voice, correct your spellings, punctuation, articles as you write.

Wrong spellings and grammar can ruin your work and land you in problems. Need for a grammar tool is essential not only for professionals but for all of us.

It can be so embarrassing if you are writing with errors an email to a company or writing some blogs or posting on social site.

Let's check Grammarly Review here -

Grammarly offers you auto spelling check as you write, it provides you visible punctuation marks, along with article and words used.

You can use Grammarly easily with a free browser extension. This tool is helpful to you for analyzing anything that you type and point out errors in real time offering you best possible solutions to it.

It is undoubtedly one of the most excellent sources available on the internet for providing writing solutions. In today’s world where language can convey many information and messages, it is necessary to use this tool.

How does Grammarly Works?

•Loading your text matter is quite easy. You can directly import word files, copy the text matter or type directly into the review box.

•By pressing the 'Start Review' button, you are given an option to choose the context of your writing such as business, casual or academic.

•Once the check begins, it takes about a minute and presents the list of various grammar, spelling and writing errors which will be highlighted in red color.

•You can choose to change or ignore the suggested mistakes one by one

Some Of The Special Features Of Grammarly -

• Free version - It is available in free version, where you don’t have to pay for it, just sign up and start using.

• Some free version features are spelling and grammar check tool.

Works on algorithms - It can detect grammar mistake easily, thanks to its AI and Algorithm made precisely to perform this task.

• Good tool if you don’t want to spend too much money on your writings.

Easy to use -It is easy to use. You don’t require much prior training or knowledge to use this Grammarly app.

User-friendly experience - User-friendly interface, which can be easily accessed by anyone. Even if you are new to this field, this tool will help you out.

Use it for perfect social media content -You can use it for your social media postings like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

• It is easy to use with email, as it easily detects grammatical and spelling errors and is easily compatible with Gmail, Outlook Express or others.

Improve your grammar with this great app -Beyond grammatical errors and punctuation it helps in giving you a detailed explanation of your mistakes which will be helpful in future writings. This tool helps you in understanding how to use appropriate punctuations, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, etc.

Compatible with all the browsers - It provides you extension that is compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

• There is an online editor option available, too, if you don’t have web browser extension.

• The new version of Windows would provide you Grammarly embedded with Windows Office for a regular check.

Access earlier used documents -You can access your document on multiple devices used with Grammarly.

Generate weekly reports -Weekly progress report is updated on your email.

• There are more than 6 million users of Grammarly.

Grammarly Paid version

Once you are satisfied using the free version of Grammarly, you can upgrade to the Premium version. As per a survey, many users appreciated the paid version.

It offers much more than just the grammar check. If you are in college or writing for SEO optimization or content for a web page, this tool will definitely help you out.

Usually when writing, our words and our thoughts clash many times, and this can make our sentence vague.

To accurately convey words and messages to the audience, this tool will help you out.

Special Features of the Grammarly App which I discovered while using and reviewing this app–

Proof read your text - Proofreading is a major factor for checking if your writing consists of typographical errors. It is a common mistake made by most of the writers; it can contain grammar, style or spelling mistakes.

Using Grammarly app, you don’t have to worry about it. Whether you are writing for academic propose or professional purpose, this tool will provide you best solutions possible.

•Find better words through Grammarly synonym suggestions - In our everyday life, we are not familiar with some words and their synonyms.

It is this lack of knowledge of synonyms due to which we end up using repetitive words. Grammarly would help you providing multiple options to the words just by clicking on its synonym feature. 

It would make use of different words and build up a strong vocabulary that is an essential factor for communication.

Avoid repetition of phrases - Often we end up with similar words but not exact words. For all those who are not having English as native language, and in some cases even the native English speakers, they find it difficult to find the words from the English language. 

This ends up in a scenario where they use words which have a similar meaning. This tool will help you find the word that fits perfectly within the sentence. All you need is double-click the word, and you get the list of synonyms which fit best into it.

Locate incompatible elements - Have you read the article and found the sentence has many different incompatible elements that are fit into it?

These sentences are also referred to as mixed sentences or confusing sentences, where speaker wishes to say something but ends up conveying something else. 

Grammarly would help you in creating clear, meaningful sentences which are readable and understandable.

Make your words stronger by using the correct tenses - For stronger and catchy writing, you need to set the flow in an active voice. Passive voice is considered as incorrect form. 

An active voice sounds sentence in clearer and naturalistic way. Passive voice is necessary for our daily life, but for writing, it is better to persuade in Active Voice. 

Grammarly pokes you and reminds that sentence is in passive voice and should be changed in active.

Learn the correct usage of prepositions - Usage of prepositions at the right place and at the right time may lead to a heavy sentence. 

Prepositions have an array of definitions, ending a sentence with a preposition can be inappropriate. However, there is no genuine and effective formula determining preposition usage in the sentence.

 Grammarly, to some extent, helps you in combining right preposition possible.

Make your text unique - Plagiarism in simple terms is copying someone else work. If a writer is using sentences which are already published on some other page, then Grammarly will detect it and underline the sentence.

 It will also specify you on which page this content is published. There is a record of more than 16 million web pages and can detect easily. This feature is only available in paid version.

Go for the premium options - You can use Grammarly Paid feature on multiple devices. It can be your desktop, laptop or mobile phones.

Make your text readable - If the sentences that are too long and not readable. It helps you to gives a possible way of editing the sentence and fixing in a better way.

Get proper explanations - We may not be familiar with all grammar rules while writing any content. Grammarly provides you with an explanation of grammar rules and detects the changes to be made in particular sentences. These rules can help us improve our writing and understanding it in the better way.

Your personal editor - You can use your editor with .

• I observed one of its good functions was to know document statistics. It provides a score for our content which helps us to understand the improvements to be made to our content. 

• It counts characters, words, and sentences. It also calculated the unique and rare words used in your writing. 

• Grammarly is easily compatible with Mac PCs.

• You can use with your iOS devices. Also, you can use it with your iOS mobile phones. 

• With your Android phones, you can access Grammarly.

• For editing or checking, you can upload the document, or you can copy and paste into the browser extension. 

• You can consider Grammarly as your Writing Assistant; it helps you continue checking the error quickly and underlying it with green or red. This provides user ease to write and rectify errors while typing. 

• It provides you with a personal dictionary. Always there are some words, which are frequently used in our country but do not have any formal meaning. These words you can add in your dictionary and use it.

• You can set different goals for your writing. It provides your helpful suggestions as per your content and its goals. Goals are available in Formal, Informal, Descriptive, Knowledgeable and many others. You can select the purpose for which you are writing like Academic, Business, Technical, Creative or Casual. This is only available to premium subscribers.

• You may often write long paragraphs and sentences, but do not know where to split it. In Grammar, it is better to split the paragraphs for better understanding and making it readable. If readers see such dense and complicated paragraphs, they may lose the logic and interest of reading.

• Adverbs, Adjectives, prepositions, articles can be structured well with Grammarly. 

• It is the user-friendly interface. It is easy to use even for school students.

Writing makes a good impression and a powerful impact on someone. How you say things it necessary to have a clear idea about it. 

While writing formally, it can be a challenging task. Your context may lead your ideas or may make destruction with your writings. Your tone interpretation can be guessed with your writing. 

It is available in the year 2018 with extra techniques, translation models and many other things. 

Grammarly is available at monthly subscription, quarterly and annual subscription. If you are in academic or professional writing and need this tool for long-term, you can buy its yearly subscription.

 This will relatively cost you less comparing to month and quarterly ones. 

If you are students who work in batches and want to regularly check your work, you can opt for a monthly subscription.

 In this way, you can check your work and cancel in when you need it. 

Although, there are much other software available for Grammar and vocabulary check but Grammarly provides you wider options with many different features. 

Grammarly is best for authors, bloggers, writers in providing ease of writing with many features. It helps you in choosing American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English and can save a lot of your time.

 Thanks to its powerful algorithm developed by top linguists that can save your from the embarrassment of misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation marks and words. 

Many professionals have recorded this tool as efficient. Even college students who have to write their thesis, essays, letters or any other content can easily use this software.

 They could use this tool to correct her grammar mistakes and improve the quality of their writings. It develops their knowledge regarding grammar structure and analyzing the complex problems they face during scriptwriting. 

They have also learnt new words were adding up to their vocabulary while using it. 

Is Grammarly that much Efficient?

Grammarly is the software that checks grammar and spellings in real-time. It also checks the normal errors too. 

As of their highly-functional design, you will be suggested the corrected punctuations, spelling errors and grammar errors in real-time. 

All these amendments are done with a click upon each suggested part of the error.

 For a paid version, Grammarly does allow the selection of a particular specific genre of writing in order to edit business, casual or academic writings.

Grammarly does allow a free version that can be used to verify your basic writing errors. 

But in order to have access and control to the advanced errors, you require a paid plan for Grammarly software, usually known as Grammarly Premium. 

Although this aid's to correct your textual errors, still it is very costly. The paid version of Grammarly cost for 29.95/month. 

It also offers various flexible plans for longer terms such as the quarterly plan cost for a one-time fee of $59.95 while the annual plan costs for $139.95 as in the form of one payment. 

Below enlisted are the Pros, Cons, and Features in a brief format: 

Benefits of Grammarly 

The spelling and grammar checkers are fast and accurate.

•Easy-to-use with a simple user interface.

•Premium version facilitates a wider range of tools that help in writing.

•Helps in contextual and expression mistakes.

•Easily integrates with most word versions.

Main attractions of the Grammarly app -

•Grammarly underlines your writings in red color that have critical mistakes.

•Basic spelling and grammar issues are called as critical mistakes in Grammarly.

•The advanced issues get underlined in yellow color which includes dangling modifiers or mistakes such as forgetting to put a comma between two independent clauses.

•Advanced issues are only accessible in the premium version.

•The left side of the software enlists simple icons that give you access to all the functions of Grammarly.

•The software posses a settings column that aids in fine-tuning the editing.  

•Various other things available are a plagiarism checker, an error count, a word count function, and an overall score based on all of the factors that go into editing your writings.

Why People Blindly like Grammarly?

After the use of Grammarly, people get to know that it is more than being just another Word's grammar checker. It picks out usually confused words such as 'it's' and 'it's' or 'affect' and effect'. It also explains the rules or grammar while you write in long form or short form.

Grammarly is a very easy, simple and instinctive to use. It can run in your internet browser or you can download the software or you can download the Grammarly plug-in for your version of MS office. Plenty of options are available on the hand of Grammarly. 

You get the opportunity to learn from your mistakes with Grammarly. Each time you review your textual matter, your frequency of errors will start decreasing. On your dashboard, you are able to see your average score so as to judge your writing on the basis of your frequency of mistakes. 

Cons of using Grammarly App -

•Limited functions in the free version of Grammarly as you need to buy the paid version in order to get excess to all the functions.

•If you think of getting the paid version of Grammarly i.e. Grammarly Premium, you would be surprised to see that it is very expensive and you might categorize it as not worthwhile.

•There is no support for Google Docs or Office on a Mac.

•People not having continuous internet facility or even in case of no internet, you can't access Grammarly as there is no offline editing available. You need to have an internet connection to access Grammarly on the browser, as a plug-in in MS Word or as a distinct software.

•Serious problem is that there is Grammarly plug-in available for MS Word in case of windows but not for the MS Word in case of Mac.

•Business users are not affected by this problem, but as professional writers, content writers or SEO content using Mac; Grammarly is not providing sufficient support and access.

•It is not understood why Grammarly is not providing plug-ins and sufficient support to Mac users as Mac is regarded as the best thing to do professional writing, content writing or SEO content writing.

•The error spotting gets speculative sometimes.

•You cannot fully rely on Grammarly as you still have to do a little bit of effort to see your red highlighted mistakes, as some of them may not make sense.

•Grammarly do not spot the misplaced word, do not recognize poor sentence formation and misuse of correctly spelled words.

 Grammarly software is purely based on written codes written. 

Several un-discussed problems or flaws of Grammarly are discussed below:

1.Grammarly tends to correct the mistakes in writings but is certainly killing the real writing content and changing it with the machine styled writing. This thing won't be discovered by you in the first instance, as people using Grammarly for years know that it certainly kills the natural writing skill of a writer.

2.Numbers of people reviewing their own personal experience about Grammarly in concern to their complaints are increasing day by day.

3.People complain that it changes their style and sense of writing.

4.Many of the clients or companies are baselessly imposing the use of Grammarly in order to get a final review. But the truth is that is amends various things which are not required.

5.There are very few bugs in it as shows the red underlines and then it says there is no mistake.

6.It hardly knows what a writer is tending to write and judges the textual material just on the basis of what the software is coded with.

7.This software does not understand how the market works in case of content writing and SEO online writing.

8.The judgments made by Grammarly software are sometimes baseless.

9.People checked the content of top-class websites such as Forbes, NY Times, BBC, Reuters, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, NPR, Harvard Business Review, CNN and many more with Grammarly and came to know the truth of this software. It showed several irrelevant mistakes. 

Should you Buy Grammarly or Not?

For professional as well as formal documents, the detailed grammar checking is indeed good. For professional writers, who always want to get their work in a finer tune, it can aid in polishing their textual writing work. Whereas for business users, the major writings are reviewing memos, emails or reports.

 The business users may not benefit much from Grammarly as there would be a sliding scale of effectiveness in their content. It can be easily evidenced that a certain quality of writing is expected by Grammarly and anything below that quality will be highlighted in red color by this tool.

Finally, the question is the cost of getting Grammarly Premium. There is a monthly subscription price that is available at $29.95/month. A yearly offer is also available at $11.66/month.

Is the price worth its use? I'm not so sure. The answer depends on you as if you are struggling badly with grammar, then the first thing you should do is to do a course or a buy a grammar book. 

Learning the basics might be correct for the toddlers rather than blindly relying on the coded algorithm to correct them for you. 

On the other hand, if you are pretty confident in your writings, but still make mistakes on the finer points, then you can judge the value of your mistakes in comparison to the price of Grammarly.

Grammarly vs. a Human Proofreader

The key thing that most of the people who tend to use Grammarly wonder is that:

Can Grammarly replace a human proofreader?

After reviewing this app and using it for too many times I just come to the following conclusion.

Ignorance of the plug-in -Grammarly ignored various errors and mistakes, particularly in my fiction. It does not always offer the context or feedback as much as a human proofreader can provide. By all means, you can rely on Grammarly in case you are writing in shorter pieces. 

In case you are writing a book or a novel, you dare not use Grammarly as it will surely spoil your sense of writing and get it replaced by its own computerized coding style or writing. That means paying to a professional proofreader will be beneficial in case of bigger writings or in case you don’t want to lose your writing style.

Final Verdict –

Every app has got its own pros and cons it depends upon us how we use it and how we manage to keep away from the flaws of that app. 

No doubt Grammarly is a great app not just for improving our content but also for improving our vocabulary and grammar related skills. We have taken full care to review this great Grammarly app with full details i.e., in depth. 

We have tried our best to write an honest and detailed review so as to help you decide at your best. We really hope that you will truly appreciate our efforts. 

Enjoy writing and also using the great Grammarly app.

Some of the frequently asked questions related to Grammarly App –

1.Is it safe to use Grammarly?

Ans. Without any second thought the answer is- Yes, it is 100% secure until you are not writing on any sensitive or illegal issues. I have been using Grammarly for last many years and have never faced any sort of issues related to the privacy of content. It is totally safe and secure.

2.Is Grammarly compatible with the Mac?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely compatible with the Macbooks as well and runs smoothly on them. You can just try without any issue.

3.What are the cancellation and refund policy of Grammarly?

Ans. Grammarly has a 10-day refund policy. So, in case you feel like discontinuing the use of Grammarly Premium due to some of your reasons then for sure, you can write to Grammarly services and they will initiate the easy to get refund process. And you get your money back within a period of 10 days.

4.Is it recommended by the experts in the field of writing to use Grammarly?

Ans. YES! WHY NOT? Well, Grammarly is a great app to help any writer find and fix big issues with the raw content so that it can get modified in a way to impact a large number of readers. It is highly recommended by writing experts as one of the best tools in this domain. Try your hands on the Grammarly today and notice the improvement in your content. The results will really amaze you.

Our review on Grammarly –

Grammarly is so accurate, easy to use and affordable tool for any writer.

It is a great tool to enhance your writing skills.

 It is one of the must have the tool in the kit of every writer. You even have the flexibility to switch between U.S. and U.K. English in the Grammarly.

 Whether you are a non-native English speaker or a new writer, Grammarly will surely help you improve a lot. If you are a writer, then you must try Grammarly.

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