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Shift work sleep disorder occurs when you have a rather peculiar job that does not exactly have the same hours over a long period of time. Some jobs require people to change their sleeping hours from time to time, and that means that their bodies will be thrown off of their normal cycles.
When your working hours change on a weekly or even daily basis, it becomes hard to retain a normal sleep schedule. Many people who have this disorder end up being tired for a majority of the day because their bodies do not know what to expect. Shift work sleep disorder is definitely a problem that no one wants to deal with, but you still need to make sure that you keep calm during the transition process. Many people who have working hours that change from time to time have a hard time getting sleep because their bodies need to adjust to their new working conditions.

Their bodies could be used to sleeping in the morning and then their new working hours could change it so they have to sleep more in the afternoon. It can be rather hard at first, but your body will eventually get used to getting up for work at a certain hour of the day.
There is really no quick way to change your schedule overnight, so you will have to slowly move your sleeping schedule into a time slot that works for your new job.

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