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January 11 - Early afternoon arrival at SAN, Robb Field and north jetty along San Diego River (dinner at Point Loma Seafood; first of 3 nights at Vagabond Inn Airport Marina).
January 21 - Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, Oak Flats Campground, and drive to Casa Grande (dinner at Bedillon's; night at Casa Grande Comfort Inn). January 24 - Sierra Vista sewage ponds, San Pedro House, Paton's feeders, and Patagonia Lake State Park (dinner at Steak Out; drive to Tucson for first of 2 nights at La Quinta Airport).

January 29 – Return to north jetty, Dog Beach, Sunset Cliffs Blvd, Cabrillo National Monument, return to plover-less San Dieguito River, and drive to Hemet for first of 2 nights at Quality Inn.
We also turned up a flock of 100+ Mountain Plovers in the area, several Burrowing Owls and a sleeping Barn Owl, and a nicely posing Sage Thrasher in an alleged Crissal area. Delta flight 3 hours late, with only time for brief visits to Famosa Slough and Dog Park; first of 3 nights in San Diego.

Return to Santa Cruz flats, Madera and Florida canyons, and drive to Sierra Vista for first of 3 nights.

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