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If you have trouble sleeping, talk to your ND about the possible root causes of your sleep trouble. According to research by pregnancy experts, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is the SOS style. Best sleeping position during pregnancy can be perfect depending on how the pillow is placed on the bed. Back sleeping is the worst since the entire weight of the body and the fetus is pressured towards the back.
Kidney conditions and Hypertension can emerge as a result of bad postures during sleeping for the pregnant women. Sleeping on side during pregnancy has been researched and concluded to be the best of sleeping positions during pregnancy. Therefore, sleeping positions during pregnancy matters a lot such that it should not be ignored by anyone who aspires to have a successful journey of delivering a health child by a healthy mother. Get more insights on sleep positions during pregnancy that are safe and comfortable for you and what you are carrying.

Comfortable sleeping position ensures that there is sufficient circulation of both blood and oxygen to the baby.
Experts propose that when a pillow is placed under the belly and behind the back sleeping becomes comfortable. During early pregnancy, the fetus is not much developed and various sleep positions are likely to be compromised. Insomnia is a very common problem in pregnancy, particularly when there are feelings of anxiety during the day, problems regulating blood sugar, or hormonal imbalances. You will be able to know whether it is safe to sleep on side during pregnancy and how risky is it to sleep on the back or stomach.
The paining of the back and difficult breathing that result to impossibility of sleeping are common.
Most women have lost their early pregnancy as a result of bad pregnancy sleeping positions. There are cases where pregnant women experience heart burn resulting from burning in the throat.

Women who practice this style from their early stage of pregnancy ends up with no complications during and at the end of their task.
A battery-powered clock is best as long as it doesn’t shine light in your room while you’re sleeping.
Pregnancy exercises should not be avoided given that they will make it easier to conform to the safe sleeping positions during pregnancy. This is why it becomes essential to learn and practice comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy.
Therefore proper sleeping position during pregnancy is a key factor to a successful pregnancy.
Yoga for pregnancy helps in promoting the body flexibility and toning of the muscles as well.

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