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Tampa, FL (November 1, 2013) – Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America (SATCOA), is bringing its innovative treatment offering to a new office in Tampa. Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America is revolutionizing the field of sleep medicine by offering patients a safe, minimally invasive, curative alternative to a lifetime of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine usage or other more invasive options. Make Sleep a Priority in 2016Dec 30, 2015You say you want to bring in the New Year with a positive life change that will benefit you and your health. About UsSleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America was founded for the sole purpose of providing superior sleep solutions for our patients to improve their overall quality of life. We seek to gain a thorough understanding of each patient’s sleep disorder and individual medical needs in order to provide the best care and treatment solutions available to effectively treat their sleep condition. What We DoWe offer a unique and comprehensive form of sleep apnea treatment that effectively seeks to cure sleep apnea over the course of an average of 6 treatments. Having the ability to significantly impact our patients’ lives for the better through improved sleep and minimizing health risks is something that we take great pride in.
Millions of surgical operations are performed every year to improve your health, beauty, and even your smile, but there’s a hidden danger in some of the most common procedures that can aggravate if not actually cause obstructive sleep apnea.
This is also one of the main reasons why hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps many women sleep better.
If you’re a woman and like to sleep on your stomach, then getting breast implants can definitely worsen your sleep quality. No matter what type of surgical procedure you undergo, if you’re forced to sleep on your back, then your sleep apnea will be worse.
Nasal surgery alone typically doesn’t cure sleep apnea (although it can happen occasionally). You may have been predisposed to obstructive sleep apnea, but pulling excessive teeth can make things much worse.

As an otolaryngologist and sleep medicine physician, I see the detrimental effects on the airway caused by traditional dentistry and orthodontics almost every day.
Before SATCOA opened its doors, treatment options for the nearly 18 million sleep apnea sufferers included widely unpopular masks and devices including the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine and invasive surgeries to correct obstruction in the throat. Silveria took this advanced procedure from an inpatient, hospital operation to an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure that takes only two to five minutes over the course of five to eight treatments. Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America currently are located in Dallas, TX, Savannah, GA, Statesboro, GA, Albany, GA, Douglas, GA, and now Tampa, FL.
One of the most beneficial resolutions to your overall health is changing your sleep habits.
Please take a look at what our patients are saying and view some of our Sleep Apnea success stories. Sleep apnea happens when your jaws are too narrow, which constricts the internal soft tissue layer that lines your upper breathing passageways, from your nose to your throat.
If you never had sleep apnea or sleep-breathing problems, then being on your back may bring on your first experience, especially if you’re a natural side or stomach sleeper. Sometimes, the effect on sleep occurs immediately, whereas in others, it can take months or years to surface. While it’s true that being overweight can aggravate things, sleep apnea is ultimately an anatomic jaw underdevelopment problem.
The idea that headgear and extractions can potentially aggravate obstructive sleep apnea comes from numerous dental colleagues. More than a few times a week, I see patients that underwent procedures in the past that clearly was detrimental to the quality of their sleep.
Any amount of narrowing of your jaws creates less room for your tongue, and with muscle relaxation in deep sleep, you’ll stop breathing much more often.

Since the base of your tongue attaches to you back of your mandible, any backward movement of your jaw can push your tongue back, aggravating breathing problems while you sleep. I’ve described in past articles that as progesterone naturally drops in normal menopause, sleep quality can diminish, mainly due to the effects of progesterone on tongue and upper airway muscle tone. If you’re thinking about undergoing a hysterectomy, be prepared not to sleep as well. As for your wisdom teeth, it probably won’t make that much difference with your possible sleep apnea.
Park's New Book --> Affiliate Links Here is where you can put the affiliate links to various products, or other advertising you may need. Upon questioning the handful of patients that have undergone this procedure in past years (some by me and some by other surgeons), most have said that their sleep quality worsened. As the tongue muscle tone slowly drops, obstructions and arousals become more frequent, and you won’t sleep well. This tightening and reduction directly prevents the tongue from blocking the airway while one sleeps, reducing and virtually eliminating sleep apnea.
Unfortunately, some women are never able to sleep on their stomachs again, being forced to sleep on their sides or back. One option to consider (after starting standard sleep apnea treatment) is to consider one of the jaw-expanding orthodontic options that I talk about (see past Expert Interviews). However, even with a slight amount of inward canting, the total oral cavity volume diminishes, and this can potentially cause breathing problems, especially when supine and in deeper levels of sleep.

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