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Fill-out the form below to learn how we can provide you with a timely, professional move.Local moves start at $400, and long distance moves start at $1,900. Here are several techniques that our movers typically use to move a shed or other extremely heavy and bulky objects.
August 22, 2007Wall building proves a slow process, but the shed begins to show itself as a worthy addition to Three Dog Lodge.
Regardless of how you use it, your shed is an important space and one that is relatively mobile, if you know how to handle it.
Rol-a-lift: When we use a rol-a-lift to move a shed, there are two hydraulic pumps connected to the side of the shed, then our movers strap each lift to the other.

Forklift: Occasionally we will rent a small forklift, which enables us to simply pick up the shed with the forklift and move it to the other side of yard.
Our movers are happy to help with onsite moves, moving objects like sheds, hot tubs, sculptures, and more. The movers place heavy duty straps under the shed, then carefully wrap them around their wrists (don’t try without an expert!).
We lift the shed onto the logs and roll it across; as one log comes out from under the shed, we move it to the front.
Durabuilt is an Australian manufacturer that has been producing export quality garden sheds in a wide range of sizes, styles and variation for more than 25 years.

Read on to know more about the features and advantages of our garden sheds and make an enquiry online. If we’re moving the shed across a lawn we will lay down some heavy-duty plywood or thin sheets of steel, then we will literally roll the shed from one side of the yard of the other.

Build a shed ramp easy
12 x 16 gambrel shed plans

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