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These metal yardmaster sheds have the benefit of never rotting and need very little maintenance.
These yardmaster metal sheds are a brilliant size, 3m x 3.8m allows for a large storage capacity and for its price proves excellent value.
Made with zinc coated hot dipped galvanised steel this shed has strength as well as good looks. With a hi-spec design and made from top quality materials, this is a very robust and secure garden shed.
We also sell a Floor Frame Kit to go inside your shed to provide a raised floor which will raise the internal floor height level to the bottom runner of the shed. These frames are made to support a Wooden Floor (panels not included) in order to raise the floor.

A hard, sturdy and suitable base area is still required to provide a stable area for your shed to be seated onto.
This floor kit includes metal battens that are assembled to construct a frame for the floor of your shed.
You can use timber panels (not supplied) over the metal battens to create a raised floor base. The shed is created from a heat dipped steel, galvanised on both the inside and outside of the shed which gives the shed a tough resistance to weathering which can cause overtime rusting. So if you haven't considered buying a metal shed, perhaps now is the time to check out the Yardmaster, you won't find a better alternative and you'll have the benefits of metal but the good looks of real shiplap wood. The outside panels have been finished with a green finish to add even more attractiveness to these yardmaster metal sheds and they certainly stand out.

Boasts a 12 year cladding guarantee, proving great value for your money in comparison to some sheds. The roof panels are two translucent panels which allow in light but keep rain out which is a very handy feature to have as some sheds are very dark. The free anchor kit allows you to strap your shed down to your base to act as a floor and once assembled will offer instant storage all year round. These yardmaster metal sheds have the benefit of not rotting like timber sheds and do not need annual treatment which stops any further costs.

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