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By Charlie NardozzieOne of the most popular home building and landscaping projects is constructing a rustic arbor. If you have some sapling trees on your property and basic carpentry skills, it's not so hard to build an arbor. There are many great-looking and functional garden benches on the market, but for a down-home look, consider building your own rustic bench.

Eastern red cedar, black locust, hemlock, and redwood are examples of woods that will last for years in the ground. You can also treat wood with a preservative to slow the inevitable rotting that will occur. If you use rot-resistant wood, it can last for years and you can grow climbers, such as morning glories, clematis, and grapes up the arbor.

Each sapling should be 4 to 8 inches is diameter and 1 foot taller than the height of the arbor.

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