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A dog house kennel is a very important aspect of a pet’s sense of security, health and well being.
Dog houses (often called dog kennels) come in many shapes and styles and the choices of sizes range from kennel-size to large, medium and small. Prefabricated igloo style plastic dog kennels are popular with many pet owners because they are very low maintenance.
There is an option that’s sort of between pre-fab and build-your-own that pet owners are becoming more aware of recently.
If you choose to build your own, dog house plans can be obtained for any size, shape and use of materials. The safety of the animal is paramount as well as the comfort to be provided by a well built dog house kennel.
If you do not have access to a properly fenced in area for your pet you should look into backyard dog runs. If your pets are anything like mine, you will know they’re very particular regarding their comfort and safety.

Even if you don’t opt for some of the more elaborate options make sure that the model you choose is designed so that it can be well ventilated to dissipate heat or moisture.
The most important aspect of building your own is to ensure that all nails are safely embedded and cannot injure your pet during use. When an enclosure is placed around a dog house it provides a safe and secure area for your pet. If you are looking for an indoor dog kennel or house there are many different options to choose from. When using lumber for a wooden dog house, it should always be sturdy enough for outdoor use and the design should enable platform capability so you can raise the floor to protect the animal from rain runoff and isolate him from the cold ground during winter.
If your pooch has allergies or other sensitivities you may want to consult with your veterinarian on the type of materials you should choose. Even if you have a fenced in yard you may not want to let your pooch have access to the whole yard. Some things to consider when determining whether to buy pre-made or build-to-suit are location, appearance, ease of assembly, maintenance and longevity.

The choices are broad and with the cost of lumber rising steadily, are not so much more expensive than the complete do it yourself option. Dog pens are a great way to confine your pet to a smaller area and are a much better option than chaining your canine which can be very dangerous! Heated pads are available in sizes where your pet is able to lay on or off the pad at their convenience and need. If you are considering wood, a cedar dog house is excellent due to its ability in avoiding decay and rot, and cedar is a natural insect repellent. Also often called a dog kennel these enclosures are available in many different shapes and styles to suit any breed.
A dog house heater can provide overall warmth and they are designed with controllable thermostats and are safe and economical to use.

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