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Here, we are going to put these two products head to head so you, the reader, can make a better, educated decision on what type of policy is right for you.
My wife and I have purchased convertible term life insurance policies in the past to lock in the rates and allow us time to adjust our finances for whole life insurance premiums. Whole life insurance has three components: death benefit, interest earning feature, and cash value. You, as the owner, have primary access to the cash value in the form of a withdrawal or policy loan. Once you explore the living benefits of whole life insurance, you will see how you can utilize these features in your living years. On the other hand, premiums on a whole life policy will never increase regardless of time, age, and health.
With whole life policies, you have the capability to recapture the cost of premiums because of the cash value that builds up within the policy. Since premiums increase over time, you don't recapture the cost of premiums, and there is a lost opportunity cost, I believe it is accurate to say that term life insurance is expensive.
Unfortunately, term life insurance has been highly promoted by popular financial experts like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. Which policies banks use to invest their money?Which policies Wal-Mart uses on their valued employees?Which policies Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffet use? Banks, major corporations, and the wealthy invest their money in whole life insurance policies. So why is there is there a difference of a opinion with Suze and Dave when doing their life insurance comparisons?
With some education, you can go from a product you do not understand to a product you can utilize.

Passive income is monies derived from sources or investments that require no active participation on the part of the benefactor. Residual income is monies derived from recurring sources that require the benefactor to only do the work once but receive payment again and again.
In all fairness, there are times and in some circumstances where residual income really can and does become passive income in the sense that a sale is made and the residual, recurring payment from that one sale is now passive. Learn more about passive income and the Cashflow Quadrant with Robert Kiyosaki’s book. Regardless, I’m definitely delighted I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often! Buying insurance may not seem like the easiest task, in fact, it can seem overwhelming and confusing. Though an insurance quote usually takes only 15 minutes, as the saying goes, time is money, and I’m sure everyone can agree that when it comes to insurance, we all want a fast and easy experience! When shopping for anything it’s always nice to be able to find everything in one place rather than making a million stops. Here’s the good news; these one-stop insurance shops do exist, in the form of Insurance Agent Brokers.
Knowing the difference between insurance brokers and agents is a crucial step in ensuring you receive the perfect policy without a headache! Independent Insurance Brokers are Licensed Insurance Agents that make insurance policies available from multiple insurance companies, which can save you time and money!
Captive Agents are only selling one product, THEIR product, whereas brokers have access to many different products, and can find the one that is right for YOU.
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With many different policies (auto, home, life, health) and a multitude of carriers to choose from (such as Allstate, Geico, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and Nationwide among many) deciding where to go for the policies you need may strike you as overwhelming.
In a perfect world, you’d be able to have one agent shop for your auto, home, health, and life policies for you- a one stop shop for all your insurance needs. You could meet with your broker ONE time, provide all your information, and the broker will give you access to multiple rates from a variety of carriers. This being said, brokers won’t have to sell you on their product, but rather work with YOUR situation to find something you can afford.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). However, if you knew the difference between an insurance agent and a broker, you’d know it doesn’t have to be so difficult!
You may be able to find this through a single carrier agent, but it’s important to remember that they only have their product to offer and cannot adjust to your specific needs. Here at SGB we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, buying insurance does not have to be a difficult time-consuming task! They are able to offer you more products from more carries, meaning options when it comes to types of insurance, coverage, and price points. Brokers make it easier to find a plan that adapts to your specific situation rather than settling with what they have available.
The benefits of this include a personalized experience and feeling like you have a plan that really helps you feel fully and completely insured!

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