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Don't underpay me or talk down to me, you do that at your own peril, but it's perfectly fine to hold the door so it doesn't slam in my face.
And all this translates to greater emotional well-being as we age moving to that upward swing of the U. When you're married, even if it's a bad marriage, you have someone to attend events with, ask to check out that weird mole on your back and trust to call an ambulance if you keel over in the night. After a certain age, no matter how good you look, there are some realities we just can't deny. When I was very young growing up in England back in the 60's and 70's I was so lucky to have parents who loved to travel and at the time I didn't realize it but they were giving me the best of educations too! As a young woman in the 1960s I defined beauty according to an ideal I saw in magazines -- one I had no hope of meeting.

There's a saying in coaching that you end up coaching the clients who need what you yourself need to work on. When I was younger, I was always measuring my body against crazy glossy magazine standards of supermodels. Our eyesight takes a hit, hair grows where it shouldn't, and we slowly but surely turn gray. So, it's no small irony that, as someone who coaches women over forty who are planning the next phase of their life, I am currently planning my own next phase.
I recently started to question my own hair coloring routine that I have relied on to hide my grays and have come to the conclusion that it's time for me to start rocking my grays. At this stage I don't believe in miracle products, but I do believe in things that make our daily beauty routine easier.

I ironed my wild hair, lemon juiced my freckles and did the coconut oil thing in the hope of getting a tan. While I'd like to believe that is not the case, the truth is there is probably some of that!

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