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Many companies, however, would give you an opportunity to extend the term right before it expires. I went directly to their website to check out the details.The main focus of the television commercial is on college savings. Who knows how long Gerber Life will be pursuing me electronically now.Supratik - 3 years ago    Report SPAM We just had a baby and Gerber contacted us with "free" insurance coverage. But lo and behold they sent us another email a few weeks later declining the coverage because we as parents are not US citizens.Thank goodness!

The guarantee of their standard rate is a potential benefit in the event that a life-threatening health issue has occurred.#4) Guaranteed safe growth Whole life policies do build cash value over time. Gerber Life promises a minimum surrender value of 100% of cumulative premiums if all payments were made on time for a full twenty-five years. If you planned on using the cash value of this policy to pay for college, as the ads suggested, you would likely have very little to draw on at the average matriculation age of 18. If you borrow against your policy, rather than surrender it, the interest rate owed is currently 8%.That interest charge is higher than almost any other source for college funding loans.
That amount, which does not increase with inflation, would likely buy just a few credits rather than an education.

Any state-sponsored 529 college savings plan will almost certainly far outperform the savings component of the Grow-Up Plan.
Term life insurance for young children, if you insist on it, is available at much cheaper rates than in this package. See Gerber Life's actual price quotes, for an infant under 1 year old, in the chart below.Those Grow-Up Plan ads, with their adorable baby pictures, must be working.

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