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I can share with you that I just lost my grandmother who was 100 years old!  A truly inspiring woman who was strong, courageous, intelligent, thoughtful, and sweet, all rolled into one.  Even at her age, no one wants to think about dying, but some comfort comes from being organized and knowledgeable about how your family would manage financially if you passed away. SBLI (Savings Bank Life Insurance), is a trusted provider of affordable life insurance since 1907 and they invited me to attend a 30-minute virtual briefing to learn about the different types of life insurance and how to plan for the unexpected so that I could share that information with you for Life Insurance Awareness Month. No one wants to think about dying, but it’s important to make sure those you care about are financially protected with life insurance should the worst happen.  How would your family pay the bills, save for college, pay for funeral costs, or manage all of the important household tasks if you passed away?
The #LifeProtected Twitter Party will dispel eight myths commonly associated with life insurance and share tools to help you assess your life insurance needs.
The Farmowners Policy is able to provide coverage for Farm Personal Property such as Farm Produce and Supplies, Mobile Machinery, and Livestock.
In addition to Farmowners Insurance, we offer insurance products including Automobile, Fire, Businessowners, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Multi-Peril, Inland Marine, Umbrella, Homeowners, Boatowners, and other related coverages. The Andrew Agency provided me with exceptional customer service, finding me the lowest rate available with even better coverage than I had before. We can take care of Federal and State filing for your commercial trucking insurance as well.
Is retirement a matter of how many assets you have, or of how much income you can generate from your portfolio?

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But how do you know whether you should purchase a long term care insurance (LTCI) plan to complement your retirement plan? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then long term care insurance is worth discussing with your agent or advisor. If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you probably won’t need long term care insurance, but you should discuss it with your agent anyway. 3. Ask for guidance from your retirement planner or insurance agent to determine if long term care insurance is appropriate for your individual situation.
SBLI wants to spread the word about how easy and affordable getting life insurance can be.  They went through several life insurance myths and gave us the scoop. They’ll also be sharing tips on ways to have that important conversation – the No Nonsense Conversation™ – about your family’s financial security. Five winners who answer trivia questions during the party will receive $50 VISA gift cards! Click any of the following links to submit a quote for quick, accurate and affordable rates.

Remember that if you purchse a qualified long term care insurance policy, your premiums will receive tax breaks, and furthermore, the benefit payments are also tax-free.
Scheduled (items are described in the policy) and Unscheduled or Blanket (items are not described and are insured by a single amount of insurance). Its performance numbers are artificially inflated, leading to an artificially inflated market with massive volatility.
Social Security is going bankrupt and the government has acquired more debt in the last 6 years than ever in history to pay for what we believe is a depression reminiscent of 1929. The Andrew Agency can help you protect this valuable investment by providing farm insurance customized to your individual needs.

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