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Contract with New Horizons and sell Final Expense, Whole Life, Universal Life, Permanent Life with LTC benefits and Term Life plans to your customers. Our personalized service will allow you to overcome any barriers you might have with offering life insurance to your clients.
Having 2 or more policies with them dramatically increases your chances to KEEP them when Med Supp rates increase. Single Premium (as well as 1035 Exchanges) As an independent agent, maybe you're only selling medicare supplements, but want to increase your income and provide more value to your clients by offering life insurance.
Customize and send to your existing clients to get the ball rolling with regards to life insurance sales. With over 75 years of combined experience, Golden Memorial Insurance Services and Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company are two giants in the ever-expanding Final Expense market. You have been directed to this site because you have expressed an interest through a recruitment ad or by calling either Golden Memorial or Lincoln Heritage for more information on exploring your opportunity in the Final Expense market.

Whether you’re licensed and have been in insurance for years or have never sold anything and are curious about getting an insurance license, here’s where you start.
We’ve answered some frequently asked questions and have a link to your state’s Department of Insurance if you have questions on getting a license.
There are samples and links for you to look at and a brief history of the Regional Manager’s path to Final Expense, showing you it is possible for someone without any past sales or insurance history to become successful in this business, sometimes even preferred. For whole life to be an efficient college planning tool, time has to be on the side of the client.
You’re going to want to have 5 or more years typically before the client is going to need to access the policy. When the policy is intended to be a tool for college funding, that typically means purchasing a policy with a low death benefit amount focusing on building the cash value.
Wallingford cautions that of course, every circumstance is going to be different and not everybody is going to be a suitable candidate, just like any situation for a whole life product.

To make the coverage as efficient as possible, Wallingford says she typically will put 50% of their dedicated premium into a paid up additions rider to begin to build cash liquidity right away. She might then compare a 401(k) and a whole life policy, and points out that while the 401(k) would fare slightly better if the funds had to be withdrawn after just a year, from the second year on a properly designed whole life policy would have the advantage due to the tax free nature of living benefits. But the ability to understand how this tool might help a family plan for their children to afford college is critical. This way, by the second year, you have more access to capital than you would in a 401(k) plan. The bottom line is market risk and a whole life insurance policy has no market risk,” Wallingford says.

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