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President Nixon had a choice – default on the US promise to redeem dollars with gold, or reduce spending.  Like any prominent politician he chose to continue spending and to blame the problem on someone else – the “international money speculators” but it might as well have been the Russians, Democrats, the French, Communists, an ethnic group, or the weather – anyone but those responsible – The President, Congress, and the bankers.
Forty three years later (since August 15, 1971) the “temporary” policy is still in place, the US government has officially redeemed no dollars for gold, and the US economy has deteriorated.
1)             An audit would dispel considerable concern and increase the credibility of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the US government.  Congress should demand an audit (and that is as likely as flying pigs, Middle East peace, and Wall Street donating their 2013 bonuses to charity).
Option Two:  Assume all the US gold is still in the vaults but leased or hypothecated once or perhaps many times.
4)             Don’t expect anyone at the Fed or the Treasury to admit leasing or hypothecation. 6)             This option, that the US gold remains in the vaults, seems unlikely but remotely possible. Option Three:  Assume almost all the US gold is gone – leased, sold, lost, stolen, whatever. 7)             There is nothing for the Fed or the US government to gain and much to lose by admitting the truth.  Hence the truth will not be forthcoming.
9)             Massive theft and the resulting cover-ups do not sound unlikely or impossible, especially after the revelation of multiple other scandals and thefts. 10)         The sale of millions of ounces of gold into the market over the past two decades certainly helped control the rising price of gold and helped mitigate the weakening of paper currencies. 11)         Option three makes the most sense to me.  It probably can’t be proven, but it is plausible that central bankers and government officials have chosen this option. I assume that from the perspective of the Federal Reserve, all the US gold is merely a legacy asset with minimal significance.

The game won’t last forever, but governments and central bankers will do whatever it takes to maintain the illusion of the solvency of paper assets, the status quo, the global bond bubble, and the global currencies bubbles.
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