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Sollten Sie in naher Zukunft ein Praktikum oder einen Volunteerdienst in Südafrika ableisten, so sollten Sie die Gelegenheit nutzen und Safaritouren in der Umgebung unternehmen.
Weibliche Leoparden sind sehr engagierte Mütter und verlassen ihre Jungen nur bei der Jagd. President Banda and her Cabinet have approved the relocation of Lake Malawi from East to Western Boarder with Zambia.
The project is earmarked to start on 21st May, soon after her re-election and is planned to be completed by 1st April 2016.

The Project will cost taxpayers an estimated US$13bn, the former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo revealed.
Making announcement in the early hours of 1st April in Lilongwe, Banda explained that Malawi would rather share the lake with a reliable neighbour Zambia than Tanzania who have set their eyes on hydrocarbons. Mphwiyo’s jaws are held together by wires following the shooting incident by evil people that wanted to take his life. We strictly adhere to professional principles of Journalism: truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and absolute public accountability.

Locally, we have a vast network of investigative professional journalists, opening closed hidden closets and exposing the skeletons.
Ihre Artgenossen im Raum Kapstadt werden jedoch nur bis zu 35 kg schwer und sind auch kleiner gebaut.

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