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Above Bonus rates for 2012 will be applicable for policies entered during the inter valuation period (01-04-2011 to 31-0302012) and in force for full SA as on 31-03-2012. For Jeevan Saral if the policy is in force for atleast 10 years and full premium paid for all 10 years then loyalty addition is payable or due to earlier death for complete duration for which the premiums have been paid. Also if death claim occurs in the 10th year of the policy and the policy is in full force then loyalty addition is payable.
If policy surrendered after completion of 10 years, provided 10 full years premiums have been paid under the policy, loyalty addition will be payable for the complete duration for which premiums paid. OR Call us at 09212201725Talk to usIC33 MATERIALIC34 MATERIALBECOME LIC ADVISORWEBSITE FOR INSURANCESubmit ! Suicide Clause – If life insurance policy holder commits suicide at any time within 12 months from date of commencement of risk LIC will not entertain any claim under this policy.
LICI IS THE ONLY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY WHO ONLY THINK ABOUT MORE THAN 70% POOR PEOPLE OF INDIA.SO AGAIN THANKS TO LICI. What is the features on my children and any rider means waiver of premium is there or may include??????? LIC - the country's largest investor - is wholly owned by Government of India, established under LIC Act 1956 and according to that Government of India had given sovereign guarantee for the Sum assured and Bonus promised, for the policies sold by LIC. LIC is declaring quite an impressive bonus (profits) on all its with-profits policies every year. On most of the LIC plans, you can borrow to take care of your immediate monetary requirements. Premium paid under Key-Man Insurance plan is a recognized business expense under section 37(I) of the Income-Tax Act. Through Employer-Employee Insurance scheme, you can recognize the worth of your most valuable employees whose absence you can ill afford to loose. Entire contribution to LIC Group Gratuity Scheme is a recognized business expense in the hands of the employer. Due to these reasons and lot more, LIC should be your obvious choice for all your life insurance requirements.
LIC is India' s most trusted brand ,INSURING LIVES AND ENSURING SMILES from more than 50 Years. LIC - An Institution Builder promoting many financial and insurance institutes like NSE, NCDEX, LIC Mutual Fund, Stock Holding Corporation of India, National Insurance Academy, Insurance Institute of India etc.
The main and important thing is LIC keeps money in India only and helps in nation building.
It’s that time of the year when you have to submit the Investment Proofs (Tax saving investments) to your employers. Let’s do the calculations and analyze the returns of LIC Limited Premium Payment Endowment Plan.
This plan offers the following options with respect to Policy Terms and Premium Paying Terms.
Now that you are clear with Policy term and PPT, let us analyze the Returns on Limited Payment Endowment Plan. Let us consider an example, MR Gupta (35 years) wants to invest in LIC’s new plan Limited Premium Payment Endowment policy. Like wise, Mr Gupta will get returns in the range of 6% to 7% under different options of LIC limited Premium endowment plan. The returns are very much dependent on the bonus rates ( Simple Reversionary and Final Additional Bonuses) that LIC declares every year.
I have assumed SRB and FAB (provided in the above table) based on LIC’s bonus rates for 2014-2015. I am sure you are now very clear on how much returns can we expect from these kind of endowment policies. As these policies are taken for tax benefits and as a investment for long term but now when I studied them thoroughly about the insurance cover and returns I am thinking of surrender these policies and take a term insurance and reinvest the remaining amount (from premium which I need to pay every year) in good mutual funds or equities for better returns.
The returns can be less than 9%, may be in the range of 4% to 6% (Example – Kindly read my review on LIC New Endowment Plan). Also, My hubby has 4 similar policies and decided to surrender these and take a new term insurance policy. As I come to know if anyone surrender any LIC policy, LIC will not allow to take a new policy for next 3 years. Since you are not working now, getting a term plan cover (for sum assured of say more than Rs 25 Lakh) may not be possible. In my opinion, IRDA should not allow any kind of life Insurance product other than Term Plans.
Maturity Benefit is : The fund value as on maturity date or as per guaranteed NAV will be provided to you.
LIC Endowment Plus is a unit linked insurance plan (ULIP), where the risk of investment is borne by the policyholder.
Death Benefit - In case of death of the Life Insured, the nominee would get Sum Assured or Fund Value, whichever is higher.
You can switch between the four fund types for the entire Fund Value during the policy term subject to switching charges, if any.

Partial withdrawals are allowed only after completion of 5 policy years or the life insured’s age is at least 18 years, whichever is later.
You stop paying the premium before 5 years - If the policy holder stops paying the premium, the insurance cover will cease and the fund value net of any discontinuance charge will be transferred to the Discontinued Policy Fund. You stop paying the premium after 5 years - If the policy holder stops paying the premium after 5 years, then the accumulated policy fund amount till the date of discontinuance shall be paid to the policy holder and the policy will terminate immediately. You want to surrender the policy – If the policy holder wants to surrender the policy before completing 5 years, then the insurance cover will cease and the fund value net of any discontinuance charge will be transferred to the Discontinued Policy Fund. If the policyholder surrenders the policy after completion of 5 policy years, then the insurance cover will cease and your fund value shall be paid immediately and the policy would be terminated. You want a loan against your policy - There is loan available under this plan under terms and conditions.
Today an announcement has been made by the country's largest insurer LIC that it has launched ofhealth insurance plan Jeevan Arogya. Age Limits Stipulated minimum and maximum ages below and above which the company will not accept applications or may not renew policies. Some of the changes were related to minimum death benefits, guaranteed surrender value, use of new mortality table (for fixing premiums) etc., All Insurance companies had to abide to these new regulations with effective from 01-Jan-2014.
LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) had hence withdrawn all its popular plans by the end of 2013 and had to launch all new traditional plans throughout  2014. Money-back policies provides life coverage during the term of the policy and the maturity benefits are paid in installments by way of survival benefits.
I have listed down the basic features of LIC of India’s new plans that were launched in 2014 along with my recommendations (whether to ignore a plan or to buy).
It seems that people in our country do not want to learn basics of life insurance or they are not being educated by the so called financial advisors appointed by Insurance companies.(Since their commission is primarily dependent on traditional plans sold.
LIC top officials are also at blame since they only think of traditional plans as once a gullible customer enters into these pathetic plans, he is virtually trapped for a long time since surrender value of these plans in the initial years is nothing to minimal. Hope the situation will improve in future when people get to know that Insurance means term plan and Insurance and Investment are two altogether different things.
I am prabhakar age of 30years and having 2 kids.i am doing marketing job and looking for best risk policy.
Nice information, i am looking a policy to invest in LIC plz suggest me the best policy for investment purpose so i get high return without risk. It is very pity to see advising people not put there money in traditional LIC plans.Not knowing any thing about the plan details ,returns and its advantages in there life.
History has proven time to time globally , on not investing there money people become poorer and poorer.its on saving money and keeping money for their heirs.
If you want comprehensive term plans with optional riders like Accident Death benefit, Total Permanent disability rider, Critical illness riders then you have to consider buying offline term insurance plans. LIC’s Flexi Plus is a unit linked assurance plan, which not only provides a lump sum benefit on death but also the maturity benefit irrespective of the survival of the Policyholder.
This plan shall be available to standard life only under non medical limit and the total Sum Assured under this plan shall not exceed Rs.2 Lac. Every rupee of your premium is invested in government infrastructure projects and used for the upliftment of the society. Perhaps, this is the only institution where you as a policyholder are virtually chased till such time your claim cheque is handed over to you ! Extra attraction under LIC Bonus is (a) it is calculated every year on the insured amount and not on the premium paid and (b) entire bonus received along with insured amount either by you on maturity of your policy(ies) or by your nominee in your absence during the currency of your policy(ies) is free from income-tax under section 10(10D) of the Income-tax Act.
You can park your hard earned money safely with the corporation and enjoy pension as long as you are alive. In addition, through this scheme, the employer can transfer his gratuity liability to the corporation and fund the same under cash accumulation scheme. For example, if you opt for 21 years policy term and 8 years as PPT (Premium Paying Term) then you need to pay the premiums for 8 years only. So, we need to wait till next year to know the actual bonus rate for a plan which has 12 years as Term. He is an Independent Certified Financial Planner (CFP), engaged in blogging, financial counseling & property consultancy for the last 6 years through his firm ReLakhs Financial Services .
I mean if my husband surrender his LIC endownment policy and want to take a new term insurance from ICICI direct or HDFC security, is it possible? In online term insurance policy do i need to mention all endownment policy details if i buy term insurance before surrender?
If I surrender the policies first, do i need to mention these policy details in application form of term insurance? Endowment, money back and on top of them ULIP – all these rip off gullible investors. If the Life Insured dies within the policy tenure, the nominee would receive the Sum Assured or the Fund Value, whichever is higher. IRDA (Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority) had implemented a slew of changes with respect to insurance regulations. Five LIC Endowment plans, Four LIC Moneyback plans, Four LIC Term Insurance Plans and One Pension oriented plan.

PMJDY Scheme offers Rs 30,000 as free term insurance coverage for the first time bank account holders. You pay premium for limited period and can get insurance coverage for the entire policy term. If you want to invest in any of them, you can analyze my reviews and consider taking decisions accordingly. My suggestion would be to make these unwanted endowment or money-back plans LAPSE, as these plans were launched during the last one year only.
More than 85% share of those are traditional plans where a person neither gets enough life cover nor inflation beating returns.
I see number of blogs , asking people to become rich on investing in mutual funds and other trading funds. Now after reading your article, i came to know that investment is different from insurance. Positive point is, it maintained the same increased rate of bonus rate for Jeevan Anand (which was raised previous year for all tenures). He wants to calculate return on investment under various combinations of Policy and Premium Paying Terms. In the beginning of 13th year he may receive the maturity benefit of Rs 4.5 Lakh ( inclusive of Sum Assured, accrued bonuses and final additional bonus).
There are 7 policies, each sum assured 2L and term is 20, 22 , 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32 yr with total premium of 51k yearly.
But they are aggressively promoted by agents and banks without being honest about real returns and the gargantuan expenses (in the case of ULIPs).
But want too stgatement oon few general things, The website style is ideal, the articles is truly great : D.
The main feature of this policy is that you pay single premium and the risk coverage is available through out the policy term.
Maturity benefit under plan no 821 is the addition of 40 % of sum assured plus Bonuses and Final Additional bonus (FAB, if any). Before buying Anmol Jeevan or Amulya Jeevan, you can compare the premiums of other offline term insurance plans offered by other insurance providers. The tax benefit under Section 80 C is available only if the annual premium is at least 10% of the sum assured.
You may buy a Term plan from LIC itself and invest the saved premium in other investment options (like mutual funds, bank fixed deposits etc., depending on your financial goals). I have just got married and neither me or my wife have a life insurance & we realised we have to take one right away. In case of death of the Life Assured during this period, only the accumulated fund value will be payable to the nominee.
Maturity Benefit under this policy is the addition of Sum Assured, Simple reversionary bonus and Final Additional bonus. You can get Survival Benefits of 20% of Sum Assured (as money back amounts) at the end of 5th, 10th and 15th policy year. Death Benefit  under New Jeevan Anand is ‘higher of 125% of Sum Assured )or) 10 times of annual premium paid.
Life cover is available for the Jan Dhan Bank Account holders who have opened accounts between Aug 2014 to 26th Jan, 2015 only. Regular premium plans may pass this criteria but some single premium plans may not meet this criteria. Wanted your suggestion on which of the above mentioned would be the right choice for the both of us with each other as nominee. If death happens after the policy term (whole life), death benefit includes Basic Sum Assured along with vested simple reversionary bonus and FAB. We are based in Erode a town in Tamil Nadu, so the hospital coverage should be local as well, kindly help, Thanks. For 2-5 Year it will be 5% and then onwards 3%.Mortality ChargesThis is the cost of life cover, which includes payment of Sum Assured and all future premiums payable under the plan. This is similar type of investment pattern which most of debt related mutual funds follows. Important criterion in selection of mutual funds is additional expense which can be measured by expense ratio. I have 10 years of rich experience in the field of financial planning, Investments & Insurance. If you like my efforts kindly subscribe to this blog and also let your friends know about this website by sharing.Subscribe to BlogEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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