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The coverage that is provided on a guaranteed issue basis is done so by utilizing a graded period. The premium for this guaranteed issue life insurance never changes no matter how long the insured is alive for. When purchasing life insurance coverage, there are several factors that it is important to keep in mind. Just as important as the right amount of life insurance coverage is having the right type of insurance protection.
There are a variety of different life insurance coverages to choose from in the marketplace today. While term life insurance can be inexpensive, this type of coverage also comes with an expiration date. Permanent life insurance differs from term in that it provides both death benefit protection, along with a cash value component. There are several reasons why a whole life insurance policy may be attractive to a policyholder.
There are numerous different types and variations of whole life insurance that are available today in the market.
Another nice advantage is the steady amount of cash value that can be built up over time – with a gain that is tax deferred. Just as there are different types of permanent life insurance policies, there are further differences in whole life insurance plans. Limited Pay Whole Life – With a limited pay whole life insurance policy, the policyholder can pay for the entire policy over a set time period.
Single Premium Whole Life – With a single premium whole life insurance policy, the entire policy will be completely paid off with the payment of just one single premium payment.
Modified Whole Life – A modified whole life insurance policy will require the policyholder to pay his or her premium throughout the entire life of the policy. Indexed Premium Whole Life – An indexed premium whole life policy will allow the face amount of the policy to rise and fall based upon the movements of an underlying market index, provided that the policyholder chooses to accept the increase. When seeking premium quotes for whole life insurance coverage, typically the best way to obtain the most competitive price is to work with either an agency or a company that has access to more than just one insurer.
Term life insurance is the most traditional and best-known form of personal coverage, paying out to the policyholder’s dependents in the case of death.
This type of coverage typically operates for a fixed term of 10 to 30 years, depending upon the policy, and pays out the benefit amount if the policyholder dies. Permanent life insurance offers coverage for a lifetime, with a guaranteed payout upon death. Universal life insurance offers an extremely flexible middle way, combining life cover with the chance to build up an investment income, at a lower cost than fixed permanent life cover.
This type of cover can be very flexible and allows payments to be varied, depending upon the current financial circumstances of the policyholder. The most affordable option, a simple Term policy, offers temporary coverage, but no other investment potential, and is usually a prerequisite when taking out a mortgage or a large loan. It is always important to seek independent financial advice before committing to any major financial decision and to be aware of all the long term investment opportunities available. One of the easiest ways for you to make an informed decision before you buy life insurance is to sit down with a Financial Advisor to evaluate your situation. About UsFirth Bateman has been in the financial advisory business since the mid-nineties, licensed in British Columbia and located in the Lower Mainland area of BC. Combined Insurance Medicare Supplement plans: CombinedA Insurance Company of Americaa€™s Medicare Supplement plans are among some of the most competitive rates available. One of the factors they look at is your lipid levels because these are a kind indicator of future problems like arteriosclerosis. Have you had any issues like chest pains, TIA or stroke, peripheral artery disease, or diabetes that could indicate future heart problems? Have you ever had any heart issues like a heart attack, coronary artery disease, or need a heart bypass?
General heart health questions like what is your cholesterol level, blood pressure, family history of heart disease, and do you smoke?
Common medications for your heart include: Thrombolytics, Beta blockers, Nitrates, and cholesterol medication like statins. As you complete your application, be sure to answer all these questions honestly and in as much detail as possible. If your application appears to be inaccurate or missing information, your application could be denied or receive a poor rating. Insurance companies look at your lipid levels because they are a good predictor of heart disease. Declines: Insurance companies generally reject applicants that have a cholesterol to HDL ratio higher than 11 as this creates a high risk of future heart trouble.

While you can’t change your lipid levels, the way you present your health information with your application can actually make a difference. Your lipid levels are incredibly important for your life insurance rating and figuring out the underwriting isn’t always easy. For more information on our services and free rate quotes, call or fill out our online application form today. I acknowledge and understand that by submitting this form by clicking “Compare Rates”, I provide my express consent that I may be contacted by PolicyZip LLC via e-mails, SMS, phone calls and prerecorded messages at any phone number(s) that I provide, even if the number is a wireless number or on any federal or state do-not-call list.
For example, the proper amount of coverage is essential in ensuring that loved ones and survivors will be able to pay off final expenses, estate taxes, or other debts that they are in need of the life insurance proceeds for. This is because there are many different kinds of life insurance to choose from – and each may work a little differently, as well as provide various different features for the policyholder. The cash value is allowed to grow and compound free of taxation – at least until the time it is withdrawn. One reason is that the premium on these plans will typically remain constant for the entire life of the plan.
With these types of policies, the insurer assumes all risk of future performance, meaning that if the cost of future claims is underestimated by the insurance company, then the insurer will need to make up for the difference.
These can include the fact that the premium remains locked in throughout the entire life of the policy. Since those who have a whole life insurance policy will never need to re-qualify for their coverage (provided that they keep their coverage in force by paying the premium), then they can always count on having a set amount of death benefit available to their beneficiary. Even if the policyholder does opt to surrender or cancel the policy, he or she will be able to obtain the cash that has been building up in the policy over time. As an example, if an individual owns a 10-pay policy, then the policy’s premiums would be set up such that the entire policy would be completely paid off after ten years.
Due to the large amount of money that is deposited with this one lump sum premium, a single premium whole life insurance policy will usually begin with a significant amount of cash value right from the start. With these policies, then, the premiums will typically level out higher than that of a straight life policy.
Therefore, the actual premium that the policyholder will pay is never more than the maximum premium stated in the policy’s contract. It is important to note that the increase in face amount will also cause an increase in the policy’s premium. This way, you will be able to compare directly multiple policies and premium quotes and in turn determine which will work the best for you and your coverage needs. We work with many of the best life insurance carriers in the marketplace today, and we can assist you in obtaining the important details that you will need in making a well-informed purchase decision.
The main advantage of this insurance is that it is lower priced initially than other types of insurance, but it offers few other benefits. Money paid over and above the normal premium can be used to either increase the cash value or increase the death benefit. A Financial Advisor can help you determine the type of insurance coverage that is best for your unique situation. Firth began his career in the financial services industry as a life insurance agent with what was then known as the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (now Sun Life Financial) in the fall of 1995. Dedicated to providing superior customer service, Combined Insurance Company of America offers an ideal blend of competitive premiums and agent compensation to give you the edge you need to be successful.
As a leading supplemental insurance provider, their mission is to provide personal service and exceptional products tailored to help protect your clientA andA their family. As a result, life insurance companies will closely examine your risk of heart disease before making an insurance decision. To get an idea how this impacts your insurance rating, review our general underwriting guidelines for lipid levels. The insurance company will end up reconfirming the answers by a blood and urine test and by checking your medical records. If your cholesterol levels are high, especially your LDL levels, these lipids start to build up deposits on your arteries. If your lipid levels meet these standards and you are in otherwise perfect health, you could receive a preferred plus rating, the best possible rating. Your rating will depend on your lipid levels as well as if you have other heart risk factors. Also, if you’ve had heart problems like a heart attack or coronary artery disease and also have poor lipid levels, your application will likely be rejected. After submitting her blood and urine for the health exam, she was surprised to find out her cholesterol levels were a bit high. We felt this was because insurance companies were too worried about his poor former lifestyle. I understand that calls may be placed using automated technology, and that consent is not a requirement for purchase.

For instance, a term life insurance policy may be 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, or 30 years – after which, the policy will expire and if the insured wishes to remain covered, he or she will need to re-apply for coverage at their then-current age and health condition.
A par, or participating, policy is one that shares in the excess profits of the life insurance company.
However, if the cost of the future claims have been overestimated, then the insurer can keep the difference. This can be a real advantage – especially for those who are on a budget and may have difficulty with rising prices.
A straight life policy can also be referred to as either a pure life or a continuous whole life policy.
Also, because the premium is all being paid up front with a single premium policy, these types of policies are usually purchased at a substantial discount as compared to the total amount of premium that is paid in throughout the lifetime of a straight life whole life insurance policy. An indeterminate premium whole life insurance policy will also endow when the insured reaches the age of 100. Should the policyholder not take the face amount increase, he or she may not be offered any further increases in face amount in the future. Our experts will help you to ensure that you are making the best coverage decision for your specific life insurance protection requirements.
Any amount you pay into the fund in excess of the cost of insurance (the premium) provided by the life insurance contract is invested and builds a cash sum over time.
Firth left Sun Life and began his own independent financial advisory services practice in early 1996. Insurance companies will also give you a worse rating the younger you are; lipid levels matter less when you are 65 or older. Because of her good health, she still received a policy offer, but it was a substandard rating. We recommended this client see his doctor and get a note vouching for his greatly improved lifestyle.
These types of policies are designed for those who wish to have permanent life insurance protection of whole life, yet do not want to pay a premium for the remainder of their lives.
These policies are often purchased by those who wish to have a permanent life insurance policy, however, may initially have a hard time paying the premiums in the beginning.
Yet, the adjustment mechanisms in these plans will also allow the insurance company to continuously fine-tune the policy and keep the cash value competitive in the marketplace.
This cash investment enables the value of the death benefit to increase, or allows loans to be taken against the policy, with many people seeing this as a viable income stream for their retirement plans. Combined Insurance is here to help you navigate through it by working with you to identify your client’sA specific needs, then offering coverage options to help meet those needs. High HDL levels are a good thing though because this lipid clears bad deposits from your arteries.
With this help, the client received a Substandard level 1 policy, one level below Standard.
There is no cash value or investment component that is included with this type of coverage – and because of that, term life insurance is typically the most economical form of life insurance that there is. With this type of coverage, the policy must be renewed each year – and usually the amount of the premium will rise at each renewal date. These dividends are usually not taxed because they are considered to be a return of a portion of the premium.
We recommended this client request a stress electrocardiogram exam to prove her heart was in good shape. He quit smoking, lost weight, and started taking the right medications to get his lipid levels and blood pressure to a healthier level.
This is especially the case for those who are young and in good health at the time of application. Therefore, this can provide yet another tax advantage for the whole life insurance policyholder. This is because each of the premium payments that are made is more than the amount of the premium payments on a straight life policy. This confirmed she was in good health and she received a Preferred policy despite her slightly high cholesterol levels.
Therefore, the cash value component of a limited pay whole life insurance policy will also generally accumulate more quickly than a straight life policy will.

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