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There has been a lot of research done which shows the association between obesity and depression.
Another research was done in 2008 on the associations of obesity with psychiatric disorders and suicidal behaviors. The fat in your body help you to maintain healthy skin and hair, which is due to the fact that it stores essential vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. Once carbohydrate calories are used by your body, then the body will use fats as the next source of energy, which can occur after about thirty minutes of light exercise. Parents can improve their child’s self esteem by emphasizing their strengths and positive qualities rather than just focusing on their weight problem. Disclaimer: JPMS Medical Blogs are published by the same publisher of Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences (JPMS). We have heard a lot about the social stigma related to mental illness especially in societies like Pakistan where education and general awareness is not sufficient enough to deal with issues of mental disability.
In this world of worries, our daily life is filled with electronic pianos, ring tones, the disembodied voice giving you your bank balance over the telephone.

Depression itself can lead to over eating, on other hand obesity leads to depression because of lack of social acceptance. Specific industries, such as the airline, healthcare and food industries have special concerns. If an individual has an extra inch of fat here and there, then this does not mean that they are out of shape or obese. Fat is known to insulate the nerve cells in the body so that the body will have proper nerve functions. No matter how much we benefit from the fat in our body, there still seems to be a phobia about fat. When a child or adolescent with obesity has emotional problems, a child or adolescent psychiatrist can work with the child’s family physician to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. This article does not reflect the policies of JPMS or its Staff or Editorial nor it intends to provide legal, financial or medical advice. Everyone has set their goal on reducing their size to size zero or actually losing all their body fat and look anorexic.

Just like carbohydrates and proteins, fat is considered a nutrient, which supplies more calories per each gram than any other two proteins put together. Our organs are surrounded by fat, which cushions them, so that they are protected from getting damaged. Such a plan would include reasonable weight loss goals, dietary and physical activity management, behavior modification, and family involvement.
One cannot even fit in most of the glamorous dresses and can only dream of wearing them once in their life time.
Obesity was associated with the increased risk for depression across gender and racial groups. Many may not think so, but fat is essential for the body, because it provides the body with essential fatty acids.

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