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A company like BNI, which is a capable referral network provider, can help you get the most convenient referral networks for your business. Besides getting referrals from other businessmen, you can also get customer who are looking for referral service providers such as BNI. If you would like more information please contact Raymond Smith at 239-282-1343 or fill out the form below.
Barrett’s esophagus is a premalignant condition, sometimes leading to adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. Cancer risk is highest in those with high-grade dysplasia and lowest in those with no dysplasia.
Are you worried because you are a recreational marijuana user who needs life insurance?  You can get affordable rates from marijuana-friendly life insurance companies here.  You’ve come to the right place. When was the last time you saw your personal physician for an update on your health and a conversation about your marijuana and life insurance needs? Do you use marijuana to relieve discomfort, stress, anxiety or pain from a chronic condition? Is there a recorded medical history of a common prescription used for reducing pain and other symptoms noted by your physician?  How long?  When did the symptoms start? We know that marijuana use does not count as “smoking” among those life insurance companies with the right underwriting guidelines — but you cannot also use nicotine products, primarily cigarettes. The key to getting a low-cost life insurance marijuana use policy is honestly talking with us, in confidence, about your weekly usage pattern. As a recreational marijuana user, you may not always qualify for the lowest life insurance rates as a preferred “non-smoker”.  Your frequency of use does matter. Docktor’s Insurance is very aware of those insurers who will only offer you their top rates after identifying you as a “smoker,” if you use marijuana more than once a week, or more than five times a month.  We will not recommend those policies to you. If you have a regular physician, who understands your need for marijuana to ease stress or anxiety, chronic pain or nausea — all those medical records are fully warranted medicinal applications. The documentation must state your precise medical condition for a prescribed treatment with marijuana.  It must be clearly written on the official letterhead stationery and signed by your doctor.
We know that acceptance of your marijuana use and life insurance application is then promptly reviewed without question.  Affordable rates will still depend on your overall health.
Take a minute now to type your zip code in the box.  Tell us how to reach you in the instant quote request form that pops up.
Docktor’s Insurance will send you an email and telephone you to discuss the life insurance protection you are seeking.  We know how you feel, needing to provide financial comfort for loved ones or to cover outstanding debts with final expense coverage. Be aware that everything we discuss related to your marijuana usage over the phone is confidential.  We need you to be completely open and honest in talking with us to document your usage pattern accurately.
If you are the occasional, recreational non-medical marijuana user, you have many companies to compare for your marijuana -friendly life insurance plan options.
Not only does 5 Star provide standard “non-smoker” rates, but there is no limitation on the pattern of recreational marijuana usage per week. Lincoln will not consider your application if your recreational marijuana usage is 5 or more times per week.
Standard “non-smoker” rates are available if your recreational marijuana usage is only twice a week (2X). United of Omaha also offers a final expense whole life insurance policy where no medical examination is required. Prudential standard “non-smoker” table “B” for conditions related to your defined marijuana usage pattern. Prudential also offers a full range of life insurance policies when approved by the underwriting department. Here’s your last chance to type your zip code indicating your state of residency; we can find a plan and alert you whether the company does life insurance test for drugs or not – listing every single one available to meet your personal needs. The instant quote form helps us prepare this solid group of life insurance options for your review. We can bring you peace of mind about taking care of the family and friends whom you wish to protect from financial pressures in the future.
As an experienced independent life insurance agent, we have compiled a list of some the best life insurers which offer the most affordable no-medical exam life insurance policies. Take a look at our brief description of the top companies so you will have a better understanding of what they have to offer.
Sagicor is one of the only companies to offer a No Exam Term, No Exam Guaranteed Universal Life and a No Exam Whole Life policy.

Assurity Life offers its product as NonMed Term 350 which is a no medical exam life insurance policy.
You cannot apply for this policy online and your application must be an agent assisted application which can be completed either by phone OR via a paper application.
Please contact our office at 888- 905 – 0333 so you can start the application process today. Fidelity Life Insurance offers 3 different no medical exam life insurance policies, and whichever one you choose, they will give you their decision within 48 hours. You should be aware that the underwriting requirements for this company are very stringent and you must be in excellent health before you can qualify. We have only scratched the surface of the available no-exam policies with the Top 7 No Exam companies mentioned above.
As stated previously, there are several variations of no-medical exam policies and many hybrid variations offered by the various life insurers in this country.
It is vital that you understand the difference between the various policies offered as some are much more expensive than others, so be wary of the convenience and make sure you fully understand what you are applying for.
You should be aware that even though many companies do not require you to provide much in the way of medical information, you should keep in mind that you must never lie on your application about health related issues. The reason is because ALL life insurers do have access to extensive and detailed national health data base and can uncover information about your health issues if you have been medically treated. Medical Information Bureau (MIB) – This database is provided medical information from all North American life AND health insurance companies and your health information is something they share in confidence.
Pharmacy Report – This database lists ALL prescriptions that you might have been prescribed and can be very revealing about health related issues. Motor Vehicle Report – Your motor vehicle record will be checked with specific concern about DUI, suspended licenses, moving violations or reckless driving.
To help you understand the difference in cost between taking an exam and skipping the exam, following is a comparison.
No Exam Life Insurance is the easiest and fastest way to take Life Insurance off your to-do list. Before you buy a no-medical exam policy, you should ensure you are buying the policy for the right reason. No-Medical Exam Policies Are Generally More Expensive – The reason for this is because a no-medical exam policy has much less medical information about you and for the insurer to evaluate you. Less Life Insurance Coverage – To reduce the exposure risk, almost all companies have very specific policy coverage limits on their no-medical exam policies.
If you decide that the convenience of a no exam policy is worth the slightly higher cost, applying is very easy.
Check rates using the Instant Quotes form on this page or give us a call to run quotes for you. Your life insurance policy will then be emailed or mailed to you, depending on the company. If you don’t like needles, are pressed for time or have some health issues and need coverage right away, then a no-medical exam policy is an excellent choice. If you are young and healthy, you can save money on your life insurance policy if you take a medical exam and purchase a fully underwritten policy. An independent life insurance agent can shop dozens of life insurance companies on your behalf to save you time and money on your policy. We have access to over 70 life insurers and know which companies have the lowest cost no-medical exam policies. Call us if you have any questions about life insurance without a health exam (No Exam Life Insurance) at 888- 905 – 0333. The following agent license numbers are provided for Chris Abrams as required by state law: CA agent #0H16033, UT agent #387587, TX agent #1680031.
There are chances that you are not aware of how you have to handle it or perhaps – you are not professional enough to handle the little clients approaching you. This way you will be able to get support through your newly formed acquaintances, guiding you to get more customers without much effort. Here, customers directly search for service providers through agencies like BNI to get the most suitable one for them. This can be achieved with the help of a capable business Referral Network provider, lending you more visibility in the market.
The risk is also higher in those with involvement of a long segment of esophagus as compared to those with short segment involvement.

We will gather information about your state’s best life insurance marijuana use plans.  A pop-up instant quote form asks for personal details so we can contact you with answers. There is a slightly higher standard “smoker” rate for recreational weekend marijuana users (limited to no more than twice a week). Docktor’s Insurance knows how to explain the “do’s & don’ts” and the benefits offered by each of our marijuana use and life insurance providers. If death occurs by a covered accident, this benefit pays an additional lump-sum benefit to your beneficiaries. You are required to complete the application over the phone with an agent and you must be in good health. An approved policy can be signed using an e-signature, or you can use a paper application which you can email, fax or have mailed to you.
The advantage, if you are very healthy, is that this company has some of the best available no medical term life insurance rates.
These may be better options if you do have some health issues and were not approved by other carriers.
These policies generally have a waiting period (usually around 2 – 3 years) where your beneficiaries will only receive the premiums you paid during this waiting period (some companies include interest) if you die prematurely before the completion of the waiting period, and will only qualify to receive the full death benefits if you die after the waiting period or have an accidental death.
With many, if not most no-medical exam insurers, you can get either same day approval or at least get a decision within 72 hours.
Insurance medical exams are relatively thorough and it’s possible you may have developed non-symptomatic health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or Type 2 Diabetes since your last visit. If you need higher life insurance policies greater than $500,000 which is the general ceiling range for no-exam policies, you may have to buy multiple policies to meet your needs. However the price difference between no exam life insurance and fully underwritten life insurance is becoming less. Regardless, if you want no exam life insurance or a fully underwritten policy, we will help you get covered for the least expensive premium today.
You can also see instant no exam life insurance quotes by using the INSTANT QUOTES form on this page.
However, when the business owner forms a network with other similar business holders to come up with references for each other – the business can be designed to ensure more output. With the help of a Referral Network, you get to be a part of other professional people who might be having much more experience than you. This way if you are already connected to the agency, you are most likely to be referred to that customer.
The difference is that you can be approved for this policy even if you have some health issues and will still qualify. Our job is to help get you approved for life insurance (regardless of your circumstances) at the lowest rate possible. This can be very beneficial if you require coverage immediately such as if you are taking a trip out of country, or have applied for an SBA loan or an income stream advance.
As such, no-medical exam policies can be as much as 3 times the cost as a policy which does require a medical exam.
Plus, their professionalism in the world of business can influence you to work in a more prudent way with your customers. This helps you to be a part of something more capable and popular among clients looking for service providers. The norm for a fully underwritten life insurance policy is 6-8 weeks from receipt of an application. Contact us with the specifics of your situation and we will educate you on the best option for your circumstances. Similarly, you might also send a client who needs services provided by your referral partner. Disclosure: The information provided on this website is not intended as tax or legal advice.
So, the act is of a mutual dependency where you can use the best of communication skills in each of your comrades.

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