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The trouble is that the Coalition, which is of course desperate to expand the number of homes in our crowded little island, insists on new developments cramming in at leastA  30 houses per hectare. Bungalows may have often been mocked by supposed sophisticates like Prince Charles, who has called them a€?homogenised boxesa€™. By the time of World War II, the popularity of the bungalow had been strongly rooted in the British heart. JOIN OVER 20,000 READERS!Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter with exclusive news, deals, updates from the road, and top posts from the blog! PLANNING A TRIP?Check out our best Travel Resources for flights, accommodation, transportation, insurance, gear, digital tools, and more! STARTING A BLOG?We swear by the lessons learned through Travel Blog Success and recommend the course to anyone who is serious about building a successful travel blog! WHO WE AREWe are Oksana & Max, a Canadian tea loving couple on a mission to travel the world for less.
Sun MaxiLink Prime is a variable life insurance plan that provides financial protection PLUS a potential source of savings that can fund future needs like retirement income through its investment earnings.
The cost of Sun Maxilink Prime greatly depends on your desired insurance coverage and your current age.
The minimum available plan for Sun Maxilink Prime is P350,000 benefit amount or an insurance coverage is P700,000. Male 30 years old, non smoker with an insurance coverage of P2 Million – around P60,000 per year or P5,000 per month. Since Sun Maxilink Prime is an insurance with investments, it actually solves 2 problems or life’s risks. In case of death (any time as long as the policy is in-forced), beneficiaries will get P2 Million.
Of course, you want bigger retirement plan, you simply need to increase your monthly investments. Garry Zaldy de Castro is an advocate, Financial Advisor, Certified Investment Solicitor (Mutual Fund Representative), investor, stock market trader, blogger, IT practitioner, husband to Aileen and a dad to Jacob Benedict. The thing with this plan, it can be used as an income protection (in case of dying too young) and an additional retirement fund (in case of living too long). Philippines, the exotic Island surrounded by the Philippines Sea and the South China Sea, has its own multi-billionaires and tycoons. Starting with 1 hypermarket back in 1998, the powerful business succeeded into becoming the country’s second largest retailer, Puregold Price Club with over 150 hypermarkets today.
The self-made construction billionaire, started at the very bottom back in 1954 when he founded DMCI.
Asia Brewery owner, Lucio Tan has stakes in Philip Morris-Fortune Tobacco, Philippine National Bank and Philippine Airlines as well. Philippines bank mogul, George Ty is the owner of Metrobank, Philippines second largest lender.
Philippines’ tycoon Andrew Tan owns a fortune from holding firm Alliance Global Group with interests in food and beverage, real estate and gaming. With investments in ports and casinos, this billionaire inherited his fortune from his father who founded the International Container Terminal Services (ICTS). The founder of conglomerate JG Summit, with investments in airlines, telecoms, property development, banking, hotels and power generation owns a retailer that was the country’s largest IPO in 2013,raising $620 million.

The owner of SM Prime Holdings that operated the Mall of Asia, Henry Sy created a company with a recent market cap of $9.3 billion where he is the chairman and son Hans the group president. AXA is a global leader in insurance that takes care of 103 million lives in 59 countries worldwide having given out US$15 billion in customer benefits and invests in technology to pioneer solutions and services that can continuously meet the customer’s ever-changing needs. Getting insurance back in the day would entail a lot of paperwork, reading, and discussing, and sometimes the tediousness can lead to disinterest. AXA iON is the Philippines’ first online life insurance store that offers an easy and convenient way to avail of AXA’s financial products. Academic eXentials – gives guaranteed cash benefits once a year for 5 consecutive years, to help defray costs related to tuition or education. Health eXentials – an affordable complement to HMO coverage as it pays out cash upon diagnosis of any of the 36 covered critical conditions such as heart attack, stroke, including gender specific cancers. What I like best about AXA iON is that I can easily get quotations on any of the insurance products that I want.
Your credit card will automatically be enrolled in the Auto Charge Arrangement so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay your monthly premiums.
AXA iON is perfect for young professionals, newlyweds, even college students who are digitally savvy and want an easy and convenient way to start preparing for their financial future.
A young mom & homemaker who finds pleasure sharing anything about food, family, fashion, fitness and fun! But the irony is that the British, in their modest, understated way, would actually prefer to live in a bungalow more than any other type of building. In 2009, only 300 bungalows, out of 100,000 new properties, were built in the whole country and many more were demolished. As is so often in the case in our class-obsessed country, things that were popular among the rising lower-middle classes were attacked by their supposed social superiors. JohnWe are Oksana & Max St John, a Canadian tea loving couple on a mission to travel the world for less.
We quit our jobs, sold our possessions and left the 9-5 life behind to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives.
It’s an insurance with investment or commonly known as Variable Universal Life or Variable Unit-Linked Insurance (VUL). You may be required to pay additional premiums after 10 years if the fund value is insufficient to pay charges. So in reality, part of the payment pays for the insurance, and part is invested in a mutual fund-like investment. Meaning, in case of death of the insured, P700,000 will be the amount your beneficiaries will receive. That way, my family can continuously live on the same lifestyle for a certain period of time. He started Financial Planning Philippines in 2008 just to share his financial learnings friends, relatives and anyone who wishes to be financially independent. If you don’t have that luxury, I strongly suggest looking for other permanent life insurance plan.
With VUL Plans, you can actually choose the fund allocation where the investment portion will be invested.
Here’s the 10 Richest People in the Philippines of 2015, according to Forbes rich list.

The Manila-based business tycoon’s Jollibee Foods is looking to buy a US food company that is at least $1 billion in market value. Here in the Philippines, AXA is one of the leading and fastest-growing life insurance companies and has partnered with the Metrobank Group, one of the largest financial conglomerates in the country. But the landscape of insurance is slowly changing and have come to adopt technology and AXA leads this through AXA iON (or AXA Insurance Online). But in case of your untimely demise before the 5-year payout period, Academic eXentials will give your family additional cash every year until the year before the scheduled release of benefits.
It was such a delight exploring AXA iON and I never thought I’d enjoy shopping for an insurance online. Just 2a€‰per cent of our national housing stock is taken up by bungalows a€” even though 30a€‰per cent of the nation are longing to live in one.
It is not a county but a border; it is there that South London meets and makes war on Sussexa€™. You can choose either Bonds, Equity, Balanced or any variation of MyFuture Funds (2020, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040). The death benefit is actually 200% of the benefit amount so for a P350,000 benefit amount, the insurance coverage is P700,000.
If you can, then more likely, your insurance coverage and retirement fund can also increase in value.
But before you request for a proposal, you should know first How Much Life Insurance You Really Need – [read here]. Now availing for health, educational, and investment plan is so easy and hassle-free with AXA iON.
Now Policy Exchange, a Right-of-centre think tank much favoured by the Prime Minister, is determined to remedy the situation. The snobbery continues into the modern age, with the patronising suggestion of a connection between suburban, bungaloid values and a safe, twee, chintzy dullness. And since this is at least 10 years paying plan, your investment goal must be at least 10 years also. For a 20 year old male non smoker, that’s around P19,000 per year or something like P1,600 per month.
In a new report, it suggests that, with an ageing population and a third of us keen to move into bungalows, they could help solve the current housing crisis. The word became an insult in its own right a€” Joan Collinsa€™s intellectually unpretentious beau, Bill Wiggins, was nicknamed Bungalow Bill because, it was said, he a€?had nothing much up top but a hell of a lot down belowa€™.That snobbery lives on in the current opposition by the Government, and by developers, to bungalows, the homes people actually want to live in. The new Policy Exchange report has at last suggested that people should live how they like to live: by removing planning powers from local councils, and instead letting local homeowners vote on proposed new developments.
Given half a chance, local people wouldna€™t vote for more tower blocks, packed with tiny flats, but for their favourite sort of building instead a€” the bungalow. How wonderful if the Government passed the legislation that allowed this to go ahead a€” therea€™s never been a better time for the Bungalow Bill.Harry Mount is the author of How England Made The English, published by Viking.

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