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Images 2015 will feature 80 artworks by 80 distinguished Utah artists, ages 55+, statewide. To celebrate its 80th Anniversary, Equitable Life & Casualty will proudly exhibit 80 artworks at Utah Images 2015, a Commemorative Senior Art Exhibit at the Salt Lake City & County Building Nov.
Ken Crossley has more than 30 years experience in arts administration in a variety of setting as producer and presenter for performing arts at Arizona State University, International Attractions (Chinese Acrobats), Millikin University, and BYU, his alma mater. Artist Susan Gallacher is well known for her paintings of Utah's rich and varied landscape and especially noted for her rural depictions.
A Wheaton Sprague project, the Seidman Cancer Center at University Hospitals has just been elected to The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, a prestigious alliance of the world’s leading cancer centers.
Ken received a fellowship with the National Endowment for the Arts, and has served on numerous grant panels for local, state, regional, and national projects.
These paintings often include a homestead, domestic animals or a simple country home with its informal additions and outbuildings.
Registrations News Welcome to Wheaton Sprague Building Envelope Building Envelope Engineering Portfolio Highlights Engineering Portfolio Highlights Wheaton Sprague has years of experience in design and engineering of custom and standard curtain wall systems, stone facades, panel facades, and other specialty architectural components. Wheaton Sprague provided full-service facade engineering to Walters & Wolf Curtainwall for the project.
Interested in the power of the arts to change lives and build communities, Ken is active in community-based arts programs, including EngAGE Utah, a nonprofit that promotes wellness, lifelong learning, and creativity for older adults.

Gallacher began painting plein air with oils in the seventh grade when her art teacher took interested students out in the field.
He is a member of Americans for Arts, National Guild for Community Arts Education, Utah Cultural Alliance, and National Center for Creative Aging. She also lives part time in the small historic town of Spring City, where the land is a constant source of visual stimulation. Carmel for the Maynard Dixon Paint Out, she did about twelve paintings and plans to complete about eight of the best ones.
To do so, she’ll have to find time between her teaching responsibilities, both in Salt Lake and Spring City. The Artist as TeacherAs a teacher, Susan holds Monday afternoon and Wednesday evening classes in oils or watercolor in her King’s Cottage Gallery, located in Sugar House. She also invites students to drop in on twice-weekly figure drawing sessions (Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings for just $7 per session), where she doesn’t instruct, but joins participants in painting the models. She also teaches painting classes for the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning program. She purchased the old granary, built in 1874 for the Relief Society, and restored it as a second home and studio.
After she began holding classes in Spring City, she purchased another historic building and turned it into student housing.

Family InfluencesSusan says painting is one of the first things she remembers doing as a child. When older siblings went off to school and Susan had to entertain herself, she drew and cut out paper dolls and their clothes.
Though her parents never envisioned her having a career as an artist, both supported her artistic interests. Her father had been an artist and there were art books on the lower shelves of bookcases where young Susan could reach them.
However, if she could wave a magic wand and improve the Utah arts scene, she would somehow increase the population of art collectors. At the same time, Susan believes “Utah has, collectively, some of the best artists in the United States.
Or, could life be any more fulfilling than making new friends with the people for whom she is teacher, mentor, and gracious hostess?

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