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Loft area with computer & DSL, hot tub on the deck, large BBQ grill, King bed in Master Bedroom, Queen bed in guest bedroom, TV's and DVD players in both bedrooms, wood burning stove and much more, also a complimentary bottle of wine and two wine glasses awaiting for your arrival. Critical Illness Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, premiums as low as $15 per month, safe, private and secure, tax-free benefits. RESTRICTED AND GIVES YOU A BETTER KNOWLEDGE WHEN TAKING THE COURSES: VISIT THE SITE BELOW THEN CLICK. A certified instructor administers the Canadian Firearms Safety Course as a prerequisite for the Canadian Possession and Acquisition License. Canadian Federal Law stipulates that in order to purchase or possess firearms or ammunition a person must have a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).Firearm.

While I don't want to turn this into a debate on American gun control, or lack there of, I find it interesting how often this law is misunderstood by people in favour of owning an abundance of automatic weapons for hunting todays deadliest wildlife. In the era when the 2nd Ammendment was written, the phrase "keep and bear arms" refered to operating in a military fashion, thats pretty much an accepted fact by most scholars of American history. As the US had no standing federal army at the time, it established the right to form militia's. It was also written a few hundred years ago with no understanding of what modern weapons would be capable of.It is also interesting to note, that the new association with an indivduals rights to keep a private cache of arms in case the Queen of England shows up at the door demanding land didn't begin until the 2.
I am not sure that gun control vs right to bear arms is any way to solve gun violence, but the shear number of guns available in the United States in a ratio to the number of people must be a contributing factor to making the United States, by far and away the "civilized world" leader in violent crime.

I wonder what would happen if you and a few of your buddies tried to form a militia and kick out Obama..

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