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There are a lot of ways you can save money in your everyday life, but if you tried to do all of them you’d find you lose out on a lot of what makes life interesting and fun.
You may not think that your insurance company cares terribly much about who you are, but they do, they want you to be the best that you can be, because they don’t want to pay out your insurance policy any more than you want to die. Some insurance companies will also look at your credit report to determine your policy amount and premiums. If you have recurring health problems such as heart disease or diabetes then you may think you are destined for expensive life insurance.
Term life insurance can be an easy way to save on your policy costs because it ensures you for a certain period only, rather than charging you high premiums to cover you for the whole of your life. However, when your children are grown and looking after themselves, your house is paid off and your retirement funds and investments are healthily growing then you could be better off reinvesting the money you would pay on life insurance into one of those retirement investments. Shopping around for an insurance policy will also ensure you’re not paying more than you need to. Insurance is a competitive industry and it is important you take the time to independently compare policies, even if your employer has you covered under their policy, or you have been with the same insurer for years, there could be a better deal out there, with a better fitting package for your needs.
Reading and understanding the conditions and fine print of your insurance contract will take you just a few minutes, and can save you money and hassles in the future.
The fees of your policy will also be hidden in the fine print, so make sure you know about every instance when you will be paying these carefully hidden costs. At the same time, make sure that your payment option and schedule doesn’t put an unnecessary burden on your budget. Many people find purchasing a life insurance policy stressful, but as long as you do your research you will be comfortable with the decision you make. When calculating how much life insurance you need, make sure to include both your life and death expenses. When selecting a life insurance policy, it’s best to avoid purchasing expensive riders unless you really understand and need them. While the process of selecting a life insurance policy may seem stressful, it is sure to be a relief once the process is completed. When a person is fit and healthy both physically and mentally, a term insurance policy is provided without any pre-conditions.
Individual who are in risky jobs that is prone to health defects and sports persons also have to pay a high premium to obtain a term life insurance policy.
People involved in mountaineering, adventurous sports, water sports, parachute players etc who have involved in these sorts of sports knowing the risks of their life need to pay high premium to take a term-insurance. Those who do not follow the sexual honesty and are prone to sexually related diseases have to pay increased premium as having multi-physical contacts would lead to all kinds of sex-prone disease. Persons with certain diseases and conditions which are medically found to be rare or non-curable need to pay a high premium. More concentrated jobs or high-risky jobs would require more premium to take a term life insurance policy.
Individuals with no permanent job or irregular jobs will be charged with a high premium as their source of income is not sure.
People with chronic diseases and with illness that would lead to death are charged with high premium based on the level and condition of their illness.
Almost all health related issues are known through a medical checkup before finalizing the insurance premium.
For no reason one should hide their medical ailments just to reduce your premium amount as there would be risk later when you claim the coverage.
By all means a term life insurance policy is the best one if you have realized the purpose of an insurance policy to boost your beloved ones or nominees after your period, financially.
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However, there are insurers who specialise in certain areas and if you do have a health concern, working with a specialist insurer can often mean you’ll receive discounts on your policy and premiums. While this may seem to defeat the purpose of insurance, consider when you need life insurance the most – it is when your family is young, you are paying off your mortgage and supporting your children. It is easy to get insurance quotes online and use dedicated comparison websites which allow you to view policy inclusions and costs side by side to help you make the right decision. For example, in the fine print you may find that there are coverage options you don’t need and didn’t ask for, and when you carefully assess your policy yourself you’ll know you are getting exactly what you have research, compared and asked for. There could be extra costs associated with administering your bill monthly or the cost of electronically debiting the premium amounts from your account.
You need to weigh the convenience with the savings, and even though you may pay a little more for monthly premiums it will be a small price to pay to not stretch your budget at the beginning of each year with a large lump sum insurance payment. As you know, the absence of a life insurance policy can be even more stressful due to the fact that no one can predict when they will need it. Unexpected hospital bills and funeral bills can be very expensive, so you want your policy to supply your household with enough, not only to go on living comfortably without you, but also to pay for any expenses relating to your death. Your advisor may tell you that you should add certain kinds of riders, but most of the time, you don’t need them.

The cash value of these insurances can decline over time, and what your family will be paid out will not reflect at all what you invested in this insurance. Taking actions such as quitting smoking or losing weight can have a positive impact on premiums for life insurance, as it reduces your total risk to the insurance company.
You will need to revise your insurance plan as things change in your life and you get older. There are policies like endowment and other such policies would help you to fulfill this thought but the premium for these policies is high. However, people would have spoiled their health from the normal status of their age comparing to others which could lead to a shorter life expectancy. Especially, those who are in car or motor racing, defense jobs, pilots, fire department jobs etc. However, there won’t be any hike in the premium amount when the diseases found in between after taking the policy. The best advice to take up this insurance policy would be to start with this while you have started to earn or at the early age of 25 itself.
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In some cases you can even be denied insurance if you have a bad credit report, so find out what credit reporting agencies are saying about you and request a free copy of your credit history. These specialist insurers also work with experienced underwriters who can carefully assess your health situation and tailor an insurance policy to your needs. At this time a term life insurance policy will suit your needs, as it can cover you for the period when you need it most, until your kids leave home for example. Rather than running around to the offices of dozens of insurance agencies, you can stay right where you are and find out everything you need to know, so that you can feel confident you are getting the best price.
These hidden fees can quickly add up to a very noticeable 15-20% of your annual premiums, so ask about the fee free payment options. You should get a whole life policy, which guarantees your premiums and how much the insurance is going to pay out.
Most life insurance policies require some sort of health examination, so taking steps to improve your health before the exam can significantly affect the total premium you end up paying. Changes in marital status, having children, or reaching retirement age are all reasons to review your plan and make adjustments. To these people, one cannot say NO in taking an insurance policy for their coverage as said by the IRDA which regulates the insurance companies. Those who have undergone heart and lungs related surgery, or with paralysis, cancer etc will have to pay a high premium.
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Is there any single product which we can say the best product and will be suitable to all buyers (not investors)? So which plan it is?In this post, I am repeating the basic GYAAN of insurance in a different way.
Often there are unpaid bills registered which you didn’t even know about, and you can instead have them fixed, and repair your credit right away.
Naturally, people are changing to term life insurance policies that give more coverage amount from fewer premiums. At the same time, while providing policies to the above said persons (who are not healthy enough) the insurance companies can increase the premium amount as allowed by the IRDA.
The cash grows tax-free, and many financial planners recommend it as a way to cover estate taxes as an element of a thorough financial plan. However, while taking term life insurance policy the premium amounts are being fixed high at times. Especially who are having smoking habits are prone to cancer and for them when they go for term plan the premium amounts are fixed higher than usual. Also, for those who has diabetes mellitus can pay a higher premium to take a term life insurance policy.
As the name itself suggest the meaning, we must buy the life insurance ONLY to protect our life but not for investing. But sadly 99% of Indian buyers still feel that Life Insurance is investment and tax saving tool.
It is simple, if he sell you any traditional endowment plan (which combines Insurance with Investment) then your premium will be higher and he earns more. Instead if he sell term insurance then premium will be few thousands of rupees and obviously his earning will also be less. Currently few Insurance companies (except LIC) offering online term plans which are claimed to be cheapest because there will be no middlemen. Same way insurance companies, banks, or agents not bother.Let us understand the types of insurance policies offered in India. Only because of this reason that if one survive till the policy period then there will be no return from this plan, lot of people stay away from this plan, even this is the trick life insurance agent play in restricting you to buy this wonderful product.

But think few seconds what will be your dependents financial health if you die today?I listed the current available term insurance plans available in India. The main purpose of this product1) Whole Life Insurance Policies-As the name indicates the life cover will be up to the policyholder’s death. Suppose you buy such products by paying a yearly premium of Rs.100 then some % of the paid premium will be towards the life risk premium and left out premium amount will be invested in any secured investments. If insured die during policy period then his nominee will receive SA+Bonus (till that period) otherwise at the end of maturity usually SA+Bonus will be payable for you.
As these products combine both insurance with investment, even if you are paying hefty premium your life is not fully insured (ideal insurance coverage should be around 15 times of your yearly income+any current liability) and return from such policies will be around 7%, which in no way fulfill neither insurance need nor investment need.Hence you MUST avoid such plans.
There are again different variants in such traditional plans like money back plans or whole life plans.
But the basic idea is same-These plans combine Insurance need with Investment and return will be around 7%.
So by paying such hefty expenses do you feel that these plans will generate more than 7% return?
But you must understand expense involved in each product before buying any financial product. Otherwise it will ruin your financial life.3) ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Plans)-As name suggests, these products are linked to market. The only difference between endowment plans to ULIPs is, in ULIPs your investment will be in equity market.
In case the death of the life assured, the nominee will receive, the Sum Assured+Bonus accrued until that day.
There may be different variants to it like normal endowment plans or limited period endowment plans. Before this regulation these product include hefty expenses like around 80% of your premium in first year itself.
These products were sold like hot cake by private insurance as well as LIC agents claiming that your money will double in 3 yrs to 5 yrs.
But sadly no one (including regulator) not understood that equity investment is for long term and hefty expenses means lower return to investor.
So after 2010 minimum lock-in raised to 5 years and expenses like agents commission reduced drastically to be at competitive rate. After these changes, agents stayed away from these plans from their selling kit claiming that these products are risky as they directly linked to equity market.
But in reality agents commission was reduced and they felt not lucrative product to sell.So ULIPs are best to invest?
Yes if product have less expense, better managed (very difficult to track ULIPs return tracking) and if your goal is of long term in nature. Otherwise you must stay away from these products.Now after going through the Indian Life Insurance market, which is best life insurance policy?
By buying it and simply investing PPF or Bank FDs (return taxable) you can earn more than the agent’s choice of endowment plans. So agents also started to earn less.In reality, these products are still costly when you compare with mutual funds. Means insurance companies only ask you the premium based on the risk they are offering you.
If his death does not occur within this 30-year period, then nothing will be payable back to insured.
Therefore, you will not receive anything in return at maturity.When we are looking for insurance plans, these are the one, which offers pure LIFE INSURANCE. Refer below link to know more about the features and top 5 term insurance products in India.Top 5 Best Online Term Insurance Plans in India-2016ConclusionHere my intention was not to introduce the features of all types of life insurance products.
Also, we buyers never felt that we are looking for LIFE INSURANCE but not a product which combines INSURANCE+INVESTMENT. However, forgot the real need of life insurance and how under insurance badly affects our financial dependence life.Now think twice before buying a life insurance.
3.New Jeevan Anand plan- Yearly premium of around Rs 1,50000- paid for 20 years with a Risk cover of 25 Lacs for entire life. But would like to know your advice is there any chances that company can reject claim if arise. I want to extend the health insurance for additional 5 lacs for my family, which one should i go. I recently purchased CIGNA TTK health Plus, but cancelled due to multiple issues while policy issuance. Nowadays there are companies like Aviva, Aegon, IDBI Federal who also offer Termsurance with return of premium option.
How do they compare to pure protection plans like say say HDFC Standard or ICICI Prudential ?Reply Basavaraj Tonagatti saysMay 24, 2016 at 5:59 PM Pranjal-All term insurance products are same in features (only they go on adding additional features). One is LIC (govt.) and Other one with ICICI or HDFC (low premium purpose)?Also want know whether pvt. Do insurance companies convert a topup insurance to a regular insurance if I have illness?Reply Basavaraj Tonagatti saysApril 27, 2016 at 11:41 AM Tejas-Based on your affordability, buy the regular insurance.
Sir, I listen that now IRDA says after three years of policy purchase the company cannot refuse the claim by any is true , because I am worry that at the time of claim many companies refuse the claim on very small things. Both are equally safe.Reply sekhar saysApril 11, 2016 at 11:45 AM Hi BasuDo interest rates(Repo rates) have effect on PPF?

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