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You know we like to give the public and so-called private health system a box around the ears from time to time.
But a few articles in the press over the last few days have made us think we need to attack health spending from a different angle. Many fear the US system because they believe it is a 100% privately funded, patient-exploiting death machine.
But don’t let that put you off from posting to the website, I encourage you to make comments whether you agree with us or not. Let’s take that further by saying that according to conventional wisdom, the US health service is terrible. If more spending is good, but the US system is so bad, how come US healthcare spending equates to over 15% of GDP, whereas Australian healthcare spending is less than 9% of GDP? But if more government spending is the answer, then how can we explain the fact that US federal, state and local government spending on healthcare this year will be over USD$1 trillion? For the Australian government to match the spending of the US government, the federal government would need to steal another $15 billion in taxes. Our simple question to ask is: what is the incentive for private health care providers and insurance companies to lower their costs?
If you raise the price there’s a chance customers will shop elsewhere or switch to an alternative product. Well, considering you have a captive customer base, you would set your prices as high as possible.
In which case you would lobby the government to raise the prices, telling them a story of woe about how your costs have risen, how there’s a shortage of supply, etc. So if we take that example and overlay it on the health system, we ask, how is this any different to the operation of private health insurance premiums?
And back to our original question, what is the incentive for health providers to cut costs? Is there not legislation that requires individuals and families who earn a certain wage to buy private healthcare otherwise they will be charged the Medicare Surcharge? Why would insurance companies lower their premiums if they know people are compelled to buy either their insurance or the insurance of their competitors? When there is government compulsion in the market, the natural forces of competition break down.
What has provided every last one of those services is the private sector and private enterprise. It’s not government that pays for police forces, fire brigades, libraries or hospitals, but the private sector. Taxation is only possible because the private sector has put capital on the line to invest in land, machinery and people.
And it’s the ever expanding grip of excessive taxation that makes it less likely that individuals and capitalists will be prepared to risk their capital. That’s why we argue that the more individuals and businesses are taxed the less productive they become. The lower the profits and wages the more reliant they become on government support, which necessitates higher taxes, which makes businesses and individuals less productive… and so on. However, before you agree with him, it may be worth your while to read Myles Peterson’s article to get an idea about how effective your tax dollars are.
Kris is never one to pull punches when discussing market developments and economic events that can affect your wealth. Kris Sayce is the Publisher and Investment Director of Australia’s biggest circulation daily financial email, Money Morning Australia.Kris is a fully accredited advisor in shares, options, warrants and foreign-exchange investments. It’s there where he got his ‘baptism of fire’ into the financial markets, specialising in small-cap stock analysis on London’s Alternative Investment Market. So in 2005 Kris started writing for Port Phillip Publishing — a company which was more attuned to his investment outlook. Initially he began writing for the Daily Reckoning Australia— but eventually, took over Money Morning.

Kris will take anyone to task — banks, governments, big business — if he thinks they’re trying to pull a fast one with your money!
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Kris is also the editor of Tactical Wealth and Microcap Trader where he reveals the best opportunities he’s discovered in the markets that you could profit from. Welcome to sonias piece of cake you might have guessed it i am sonia and this is my website i would like to tell you my story of why and how i got into making. If the copyright of any wallpaper or stock photo belongs to you, Contact Us and we'll remove it ! TopClosure, invented by an Israeli plastic surgeon, allows for quickly and temporarily closing skin over an open wound in an emergency setting.
Fatah official Yasser Abd Rabbo claims announcement was made with consent of all Palestinian factions, however Hamas says cease-fire cannot exist while Israeli forces are inside Gaza. Residence and offices of Hamas 'prime minister' and additional government installations targeted by IAF. As part of the IDF's commitment to minimizing civilian casualties, it has set up a field hospital capable of advanced medical treatment.
Rassan Alian, who was injured overnight in Gaza, told his family he wants to return to be by his soldiers. You won’t find a pollie or a mainstream journo suggesting there should be any cuts to the $50 billion spent each year by the federal government on health. The third tells a sordid tale of wasteful government spending and puerile pen-pushing public servant yobs. But not because the US system is the worst example of private healthcare, but rather because it’s almost the worst example of publicly funded and manipulated healthcare. So considering for-profit hospitals only comprise 15% of the US market it’s more than disingenuous to blame the dire state of the US healthcare system on the free market.
Rather than trying to force all the answers down your throat we’ll ask you some questions too. Further, those in favour of government health spending always argue that more needs to be spent.
And not only that but by spending more on healthcare it will improve Australia’s health system. However, is there a noticeable and consequent improvement in the quality of healthcare received? In other words, you’ve set the optimum price at which the customer is prepared to pay for your goods.
Imagine the government passed another law that made it compulsory for every citizen to either buy tinned hotdogs from the government, or if they didn’t buy them from the government then they would have to buy them from your shop. Businesses that are favoured by government don’t need to compete for business as they know the business will find them.
They don’t have to try and poach customers from the competition, because they know their prices are similar. Taxation is only possible because individuals have sacrificed their time to work a 40-hour week in order to provide food, shelter and clothing for them and their families. But if you’re more inclined to agree with Middendorp feel free to leave a comment on the Money Morning website later on today. He’ll take anyone to task — banks, governments, big business — if he thinks they’re trying to pull a fast one with your money. He began his career in the biggest wasp’s nest in the financial world — the city of London — as a finance broker back in 1995. This covered everything from Kazakhstani gold miners to toy train companies.After moving to Australia, Kris spent several years at a leading Australian wealth-management company. Whether you agree with him or not, you’ll find his common-sense, thought-provoking arguments well worth a read.
If you’d like to learn about the latest opportunity Kris has uncovered, take a 30-day trial of Tactical Wealth here or Microcap Trader here. Happy birthday amelia my dog turned 11 last week it was just the second birthday we have been celebrating together she is a rescued dog with no cake problem.

The young Netanyahu arouses admiration as he valiently defends his People and his country while being bombarded with questions by pro-Palestinean Fouad Ajami. Listen carefully, as the Israeli Arab pastor of a Hebrew-speaking Israeli Messianic congregation, Awieda is a man who knows of what he speaks!
But rather than sending your answers in to the Money Morning mailbag, why don’t you post a response to the comments section when this article appears on the website later today.
We’ve had to step up our moderating policy so your comments may take longer to get approved.
We’re simply asking questions based on arguments put forward by those who happen to take an opposite view to your editor.
All money granted by the government to vested interests has been taken without asking from the private sector.
The government backed up by tax lovers are only going to forcibly take profits from them anyway.
Kris is also the editor of Tactical Wealth, and Microcap Trader — where he reveals the best opportunities he’s discovered in the markets. However he began to realise the finance and brokerage industry was more interested in lining its own pockets with fat fees, commissions and perks —rather than genuinely helping out the private investors they were supposed to be ‘working’ for. Happy birthday david hope you have a good one thank you for still bringing so much joy into our lives and keeping us up to date with everything you are doing.
We don’t like censorship, but following the posting of some irrelevant racist crap, your editor has had to regretfully draw a line. If you’d like to more about Kris’ financial world view and investing philosophy then join him on Google+.
Learn how to make my classic vanilla birthday cake recipe with buttercream frosting and ill show you how to decorate it simply and impressively.
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