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If you have a family, term life insurance is one of the simplest and most affordable ways you can help protect their financial future. If you need less than $250,000 in coverage, you can apply online in as little as 15 minutes. Tax-Free: Your beneficiaries receive the death benefit tax-free(2), which they can use to pay off debts, cover day-to-day expenses and more.
Portable: Unlike coverage you may have through your employer, you can keep your policy if you change jobs.
Guaranteed: Premiums and coverage amount are guaranteed not to change for your entire policy term. For your security: To help protect the information you send or receive, all pages viewed within the guide or quote are on a secure socket layer (SSL) connection. 2) Note that probate fees are applicable if you have not designated a beneficiary and the proceeds of your policy become part of your estate.
4) You can renew your policy up until the policy anniversary nearest your 80th birthday, at which time coverage expires. When I advise clients about choosing a promotional item, I tell them that it’s usually good to go with something useful over something trendy – something that the recipient will hold on to for a few years so that the brand’s exposure is maximized. Last month, a Maryland woman survived a horrific accident when her vehicle was forced over the side of the Bay Bridge and plunged into the water. The “Life-Saving Hammer” from Bulletline has a double-sided metal head that will shatter car windows in an emergency. Call FORMost at 301-424-4242 for information on this and other emergency preparedness products including emergency and first aid kits. John Lewis Insurance Company is one of the leading and famous insurance company of the United Kingdom. Help protect your loved ones with great life insurance and critical illness cover, all at a price that you can afford.
Short term medical insurance may not be right for you if your medical insurance need is greater than one year or you have a serious or significant pre existing health condition. Like most medical insurance, pre existing health condition(s) are subject to the pre existing condition limitation.
Short term medical insurance is very popular today because the premiums are significantly less than individual medical insurance (which is considered permanent insurance). Get a quote and apply online for affordable temporary health insurance and get covered tomorrow. Prescription Drug Card Are you paying for costly prescriptions out of your own pocket? Do you not have prescription drug coverage under your existing medical insurance plan? Get the most out of the prescription drug card by having your doctor prescribe medication within Tiers 1, 2 or 3.
Since this prescription drug card pays up to the fixed payment for drugs specified in each tier indicated above, it is not considered insurance. At, we help you secure low cost medical insurance and inexpensive dental insurance. Studies show that individuals without full dental coverage are likely to skip preventative dental care (exam, cleaning and x-rays) and visit the dentist only when there is a problem. Did you know the cost of restorative treatment is more expensive than preventive services (see chart below)?
The Coalition for Oral Health, representing a wide spectrum of oral health associations, reported that $1 spent for prevention saves from $8 to $50 in restorative care!
Some individual and family dental insurance plans have waiting periods, while others may increase the percentage the dental insurance policy pays toward covered dental services every year you have the dental insurance plan.
Get an online quote and enroll for an inexpensive dental insurance plan today from!

Whole life insurance is a permanent type of coverage that never expires as long as the premiums are paid.
Like all forms of life insurance, whole life has advantages and disadvantages, may not be the right choice for every individual and family, or term life insurance may simply be more affordable for your family’s budget. Comparing pros and cons and learning how whole life insurance works before purchasing is essential to finding the best policy for your needs. All life insurance is intended to provide financial support for dependents if a wage earner dies prematurely. However, term life insurance only pays a death benefit if the insured dies within a specified number of years, usually 10, 20, or 30 years in length. Temporary term life policies must be renewed or replaced when they expire and the policyholder has to repeat the application process, usually resulting in an increase in premiums if the insurance company accepts the policyholder and underwrites the policy again.
A serious health condition or advanced age may make it impossible for an individual to find new term life insurance; whereas whole life insurance is a life-long policy and does not lapse or expire unless the policyholder stops paying premiums. The savings or equity in a whole life policy, also known as the cash value, grows over time and can be used in financial planning for retirement, a down payment on a home, or educational expenses. In most policies, a minimum interest rate is guaranteed on the amount in the cash value and some policies may also pay dividends. Additionally, there are some tax advantages to using life insurance in financial planning since all returns on equity are tax-deferred and death benefit payments are tax exempt in the U.S. Whole life insurance is likely the most expensive form of insurance since payment of the death benefit is guaranteed by the policy and companies will have to pay out one way or another in the future. In most cases, the premiums remain fixed and must be paid over the your entire life span, but there are policies available with limited payment plans or a single payment which become permanent with a large lump sum payment upfront and no further premiums. Though whole life rates may not be as cheap as term coverage, this is because whole life protection can offer more benefits and advantages to the policyholder. Aside from the high cost, the biggest disadvantage of whole insurance is that it usually cannot be changed to meet changing financial needs. For some individuals who are weighing the pros and cons, the advantages of whole life outweigh the high cost and inflexibility of these policies, if you do your research and make the right decision the first time. If you think whole life insurance is for you, consumers can find free rate quotes online to compare insurance companies. When you have a policy with us, you can be confident that we will be there when you or your family need us. A pre existing condition is typically defined as a medical condition (ailment, disorder or disease) as a result of an illness or accident that was present twelve months prior to the effective date of the short term medical insurance plan.
Save money on prescription drugs immediately with a no hassle low cost prescription drug card card. A generic, lower cost prescription medication within the same therapeutic class can often replace a moreexpensive brand name drug.
Get affordable medical insurance quotes and apply online from today.
With many types of plans to choose from, it is easy to secure an individual dental insurance plan that fits your budget. According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, oral health is a critical component of total health. Financial protection – without some form of dental insurance to help cover the expense of dental care, the cost of paying for expensive dental procedures, such as restoration, surgery, endodontic and periodontal services is simply not affordable. Maintenance of a healthy mouth and overall wellness – studies show that regular dental check-ups and cleanings help promote overall health. Prevention – from fluoride treatment to sealants and braces, children can benefit significantly from regular professional dental care. It also covers outstanding debts and final expenses, like business or personal loans, mortgage payments, credit card bills, medical expenses, and tuition for children. Whole life insurance is permanent, and guarantees payment of the death benefit whenever the insured person dies at any time, while helping the family accrue a nest egg for retirement through the cash value feature.

While the whole life policy is in good standing, up to 90% of the cash value can be used to secure no interest loans which do not have to be repaid.
Whole life insurance as an investment can be a good one for families who need a forced savings account and a risk-free, stable rate of return.
The younger an individual is when he or she purchases a whole life policy, the lower your premiums. To get life insurance quotes and see if a policy is the best, affordable coverage for your needs, compare life insurance quotes online. There are some adjustable policies which offer flexibility, allowing the insured person to alter the amount of the death benefit and premiums as his or her need for insurance increases or decreases.
You can find the ones that offer cheap rates and good coverage, and request more information about policies to learn more. It may sound like a cheap, insignificant item…until you are home alone with a stubborn jar of salsa!
Depending on the response, the health insurer will either accept or reject the application.
This means you must reapply for a new short term medical insurance policy and meet the health insurers medical underwriting guidelines again. Since most medical insurance covers pre-existing health conditions after twelve months of continuous coverage under the policy, short term medical insurance will not cover pre existing health conditions.
If you choose the higher price brand name drug, however, you will receive a significant discount off the retail price of the drug. If within 10 days of purchase you are not satisfied and have not used the prescription drug card, then return the prescription drug card program for a refund. Dental caries (decay) is the most common chronic disease nationally and is preventable through the use of fluoride and dental sealants which cost 50% less than one silver filing.
That is why most individual dental insurance plans pay 100% for a routine exam and cleaning every six months. An individual dental insurance plan makes the cost of preventive care more affordable,, so you do not have to put off dental care until you have a problem.
Part of the fixed premiums policy holders pay are diverted to a savings feature which pays interest and increases in value over the term of the policy. Because whole policies accrue value over time, life insurance can be used as a tool in financial or estate planning.
Term life insurance is temporary and inexpensive and provides the same insurance benefits as whole life insurance in the event of an insured person’s death.
If the loans are not repaid, the amount is deducted from the death benefit when the insured person dies. In most cases, whole life rates and policy coverage are fixed and permanent for a lifetime. The point is, it’s useful and will probably get thrown in a kitchen drawer and used rather than thrown out. Regardless of where you live, from California to the Carolina’s, we can help you find an inexpensive dental insurance plan. Pressure will prevent the doors from opening, so the windows must either be opened, or smashed. A sharp, pointed object like a screwdriver can be used to smash the window, but we actually have a solution that is custom made for this exact worst case scenario.

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