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Currently there areA 13.2 Million People enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans across the United States.
View the Webinar Recording Below to see a plan that will offset these costs with cash benefits! After a six-year production run Yamaha raises the bar in the Superbike class with a completely overhauled YZF-R1 sportbike. Like before the R1 is powered by a water-cooled Inline Four engine with dual overhead camshafts and a 16-valve cylinder head (intake valves remain fabricated from titanium, while the exhaust are stamped from steel). Together these updates should boost engine response, however there’s no word if redline has changed from the previous generation (13,600 rev ceiling). Lastly, the six-speed transmission was revamped and is matched to a cable-actuated racing-style slipper clutch and electronic quickshifter. The ‘15 R1 replaces its Soqi-sourced suspension components for the latest hardware from KYB.
It rolls on a pair of 10-spoke magnesium wheels that are said to be nearly two pounds lighter than the cast aluminum rims they replace.
Visually the R1 borrows aerodynamic styling cues from the YZR-M1 MotoGP prototype, including its flat nose that discreetly hides a pair of LED headlamps (a first for a Yamaha street bike).
Yamaha builds upon its impressive array of production sportbike electronics (including its ride-by-wire [YCC-T] and variable length intake funnels [YCC-I]) with the fitment of an Inertia Measurement Unit.

Prices start at around A?18,500 for a regular Zafira and over A?20,000 for the Tourer sleek and luxurious model.
The seven seats come as two front seats, three middle row seats and a back row of two fold down flat seats. As an example of the huge choice of engines available the 1.7 Cdti Ecoflex Life has a top speed of 112 miles per hour and can accelerate to 62 miles in under 13 seconds. Among the most popular family cars in the UK, it is difficult to beat, certainly when price is factored in. Whether rocketing on land, flying through the air, or jumping the seas, our Road Test Editor does it all and has the scars to prove it. Yamaha was also tight lipped on power numbers (for reference the 2009-2014 R1 pumps out roughly 150 horsepower at the back tire). Although the fork outer tube diameter is unchanged (43mm) each leg houses independant compression and rebound damping circuits, with all adjustment made atop each cap (including spring preload).
Each cylinder continues to employ a pair of fuel injectors and sucks air through a 19% larger capacity airbox. All told Yamaha claims the engine is 1.2 inches narrower at the crankshaft and nine pounds lighter than the 2014 model. The data augments the R1’s comprehensive electronics suite including wheel spin (traction control), slide, lift (wheelie), launch, and unified braking control systems.

Each of the third row seats individually folds into the floor and the second row slides and folds too, meaning there are endless possible combinations for fitting in cargo, luggage and, indeed, people.
The 320mm discs are clamped by a pair of monobloc-style four-piston radial-mount calipers from Nissin. A slick-looking and full color TFT-style LCD monitors settings and can be set-up specifically for street or track use.
Similar to the 2010 and newer YZ450F motocross bike, the cylinders are offset toward the center of the crankshaft to reduce friction. The set-up is actuated hydraulically through stainless-steel brake lines (a first for a Japanese sportbike) with ABS and unified braking (in which the rear brake is activated when the front is applied). Rocker-arms augment the shim-under-bucket valvetrain allowing for more aggressive camshaft profiles. On the scale, Yamaha claims a 15 pound weight reduction versus the 2009-2014 generation superbike (439 pounds ready to ride).

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