A trader is someone who performs the activities related to the buying and selling of financial instruments.
If you have the desire to become an active trader also called a day trader, you should be certain that you have the required potential to do the job. You should remember that being a day trader is very tough and in most cases, you have to be available all the time.
Find an appropriate person who is already doing very well at day trading and try to stick with him.

Do not fall for real money in the start and stick with the paper trade until you start winning. In contrast, a day trader is someone who does the same work but within the time frame of working day. Remember that the transition phase is very critical thus you need to be very careful while becoming a trader.
There are numerous kinds of financial instruments including currencies, stocks, stock options and future contracts being handled by traders.

If you have the passion to earn more money, you should be familiar with the fact that a day trader job requires tough working schedule and not everyone can hold on in this field for a very long time.

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