The biggest difference between Twitter and Facebook is by nature, Twitter is a one-way street.
The most efficient way to make Twitter a benefit of your time is by making it a two-way street.
So much to take in, I’ve pinned so I can refer back to this and I’m made a goal to tweet at least 5 times a day and see what happens!
I tweet my posts and instagram pictures, but it’s hard to keep up with Twitter sometimes. I got a twitter account a few months ago and just haven’t used it because I have no idea now!

Despues del martes, los dias mas populares para twittear son el miercoles y luego el viernes. Joan of Chocolate, Chocolate, and More asked if I would do a mini-series on explaining Twitter.
Twitter has a feature called lists, where as the name implies, you can categorize your following into lists.
Come back next Saturday for part two where I will focus more on how to use Twitter to promote your blog and Twitter etiquette.
Since I’ve never joined Twitter, I had been too intimidated to set up an account for my blog although I know I should.

Stay tuned for part two (and possibly more) where I will talk about using Twitter to promote your blog and Twitter etiquette. A tweet chat is when a group of people get together on Twitter at a certain time and talk about a certain topic.

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