With about 20 years experience in the car buying market, Carbay has finally hung up its boots, we are still however going to share a vast amount of experience and knowledge of ours with you.
Here at Carbay we can help you to get a quick, simple yet accurate Free Car Valuation no matter the age, make or model of your vehicle. There are many online services out there that offer free car valuations, and we have compiled a list of the best, the most accurate and the most beneficial to you in your specific circumstances. What is my car worth free valuation - getting someone to buy your car from you can be a real pain.
If you’re not sure whether selling your car is 100% the correct decision, maybe you're just in need of some quick cash.
KBB inadvertently skews used car values because of the consumer's perception that a dealer gets a Santa Fe for $8,364 and flips it for $12,624 for a fast handsome profit.
To a dealer, a car is worth whatever the last guy bid at auction.  The art of appraisal is knowing what that price is without going to the auction to find out.
I am not sure I agree with any statement as inane as "worth what it is worth", but I do agree that consumer perception of these various value types seems to lead to more confusion than well informed buyers.

ADMPC is a Network for Car Dealers, Automotive Marketing, Advertising and Management Pros sharing Digital Strategies and Execution Tactics. In our years of dealing with customers, we learned that there is more important facts than how much profit you can make reselling a car.
If you need help valuing your car then just follow the link to the right and benefit from Carbays extensive range of valuation help. The option to sell your car privately brings time wasters and unwanted calls to your phone and your house at all hours of the day! Many potential buyers will try to knock the price down because of the slightest mistake in the description of your car; don't let this happen to you.
You see consumers then head over to a used car dealer demanding at least $10k because that is what "I could sell it for".
When you sell your car on autotrader, your car is worth what it is worth. When you go to purchase a vehicle, the car is worth what it is worth.
On the other hand, I have used Kelley Blue Book well over 500 times in my 30+ year career selling cars and trucks to help a customer feel like they were being provided with a valuation resource that is both credible and not biased toward the dealer's perspective.

So we have decided to compile accurate lists and reviews of all of the websites out there offering to buy your car and offering Free car valuations. I would go a step further and advise dropping the Trade-In value as well. A car is worth what it is worth, considering the condition of the vehicle. We get familiar with our world and the way it works and don't give a thought to what the customer thinks.
So, we are letting you know the truth - Have a quick read and tell us what you think about sites such as Webuyanycar, Autotrader, Ebay and many more.
NADA lumps all buyers and sellers into one category which could be entitled "Vehicle Value" or the like and you would simply infer that you get what you pay for if you are on the buying end. Anything you can share with us will definitely be a big help to the next person wishing to value or sell their car.

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