Ready for retail sale; mechanically perfect, paintwork unblemished for vehicle under two years old, but may have slight stone damage on vehicle over two years old or with high mileage.
The car will be of generally tidy appearance inside and out but some expenditure may be required for retail sale. The car may not have a full service history and would not be offered for retail sale without significant expenditure. Glass’s Private Sale price represents an estimated selling price for a car sold by one private individual to another private individual at a given time. At PSR Solicitors we act on a no win no fee basis for all personal injury claims which means that you have no legal costs to pay if you lose.

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Pictures are for illustrative purposes only but the Model Derivative and Retail Price are consistent. It is all about perfonalising your own car - let us help you become creative with your car.
It is not necessarily the price a consumer would actually pay, as it may be the subject of negotiation, discount or an extra allowance on the value of your own car. You could try sending it again as you will not have been charged for using the valuation service, however, please bear in mind that you standard network text rate will still apply.

The second area is a compensation claim for expenses and losses arising as a result of the accident. In the case of cars under 3 years of age, the balance of the manufacturer's warranty would also be included.

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