Do: Make sure your CEO is given relevant information about how diversity helps your company reach its business goals, and that he or she is encouraged to communicate support frequently and as part of regular business messages. Do: Help the CEO and the senior executives understand through data and facts that by improving the diversity of human-capital demographics, they will expand the business by improving innovation, engagement and outreach to increasingly multicultural clients and suppliers. There are several prestigious institutions which offer diversity management training in USA. Prime aim of this popular diversity management school in US is to prepare professionals who can contribute their maximum talent to the growth of the organizations they are associated with. This popular online school offers diversity course which is known as Understanding Cultural Diversity. The online diversity courses of this popular e-learning school are Diversity Defined and Corporate Diversity Drivers.

Diversity Defined program includes topics such as Value of Differences, Contributors and Role Models and Key Concepts.
Corporate Diversity Drivers program familiarizes the students with the benefits of diversity management.
We also have published 12 one-on-one interviews with CEOs in DiversityInc this year and have had 15 CEOs speak at our events. Consider that 94 percent of DiversityInc Top 50 CEOs have a personal quote on diversity on the homepage of their company websites and also communicate regularly on their intranets about the business benefits of diversity. The institute provides practical skills in areas such as diversity training, recruitment and retention, employment communication and performance management. Having observed what gets CEOs fired up about diversity—and how they hold their executives accountable for sustainable results—we’ve put together a primer for you on what NOT to say to your CEO about diversity and inclusion.

Understanding family background, education and values is core to developing a diversity-and-inclusion message that will click. Avoid diversity parlor tricks like jelly beans or animal analogies (unless your CFO uses them, in which case it’s probably time to look for another job). Diversity has played decisive roles in shaping up most of the cities in the US into true cosmopolitan cities.

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